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Review | Dodo Peak

“It’s like Q*bert, but with extra steps!” – Kristin Mitra, 2020.

Moving Pieces’ Dodo Peak is a simple platformer that is reminiscent of old-school arcade games, think Q*bert meets Snake on a 3D stage. As a dodo, your main objective is to gather dodo eggs down the mountain and bring them to the peak – hence, Dodo Peak. At first, the goal is simple, pick up two to three eggs, and run up the mountain. As you gather more eggs, the longer your train of baby dodos becomes, and the more you need to protect them as you weave your way through the mountains, avoiding obstacles, snakes, and booby traps. If you find yourself in the way of a snake or another trap, you fly off the mountain and begin the stage again.

Dodo Peak starts off very straightforward and throws you right into the action of the first stage, also doubling as a quick tutorial. It’s easy to pick up, and in no time, players are rescuing their dodo family and bringing them home. The game is very simply animated with 3D models to give a slightly updated feel to a familiar feeling game, and the music is simple yet catchy. However, it doesn’t differ much from its iOS counterpart, and is pretty much an exact port to Switch. There isn’t much background or plot, so there isn’t any attachment to characters or situations.

Overall, Dodo Peak is a great game to pass the time. With its repetitive nature and casual vibe, it’s a good choice for those who want something simple, or for a younger audience. It’s a pretty decent price point too. Just don’t expect anything much deeper than that and you’ll be fine.

Final Score: 6 out of 10

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