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GotGame’s Top Picks for Marvel’s Avengers DLC

When Square Enix launches Marvel’s Avengers next month, we’re likely to only have six heroes to play with. Despite this, we do already know of a couple heroes joining the game post-launch. Even better, these characters will be free, even if one will be exclusive to PlayStation. While we’ve already had a good time with the core cast, we already have some picks for who we want to see join the game. We have to admit, we feel a little spoiled after the packed Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, but there’s still a few that weren’t even playable in that game. Here’s our top picks for Marvel’s Avengers DLC.

Captain Marvel

Probably the most likely of the Avengers to be added as post launch DLC is Captain Marvel. Carol Danvers has seen some popularity lately, partially due to her big screen appearances in the recent MCU films. A powerful Avenger with several strengths and few weaknesses, she would likely pack a punch in the roster. We know she’s already in the universe thanks to some references seen with Kamala Khan. We’ll just have to wait and see till they reveal her. It would also be pretty great to see a redesign of her Warbird costume, a classic favorite that makes a good contrast to her current attire.

Black Panther

The King of Wakanda might have a lot on his plate, but we would love to see a Wakanda event in the game. In the event that Black Panther makes his way as Avengers DLC, it would give an excuse to visit a new setting. T’Challa has made history with his film, and his popularity makes him an obvious go-to here. His fighting style would likely utilize a mix of martial arts and vibranium absorption. This could give the game a unique counter character that dishes more than he takes.


Another good choice for a unique character would be Janet van Dyne’s Wasp. We already know Hank Pym and his Pym Particles are in the game. It’s not unlikely that his better half would be in the game somewhere too. It would also be great to see her since she was an original founding Avenger in the comics. Unlike Ant-Man/Giantman, Wasp typically sticks to shrinking, flying around, and using her trademark stingers. With Pym Particles able to shrink enemies with certain gear, it might be cool to have a character that uses them natively. Wasp could be a unique saboteur of the group, and we would love to have her as Avengers DLC.


Quicksilver is one of the few characters to cross between both the X-Men and the Avengers lineup. The son of Magneto, this mutant has superhuman speed and a tendency to change sides. He’s been portrayed on the big screen in two separate universes, and he’s found a bit of an audience because of it. Thinking of the way the various Avengers traverse, it would be pretty cool to have a character with super speed. It would be great to act as a scout in a War Zone to check out points of interest quickly. He might not be a powerhouse, but he would surely add a unique element to the game.


When it comes to X-Men, Wolverine tends to be at the forefront of the pack. While not a founding member and not even being part of the team until much later, Wolverine has done well to be the poster boy of the series. That being said, he’s also found his way on the Avengers team a number of times as well. While we already have the Hulk and his anger issues, Wolverine’s grouchiness would likely compliment the team. His healing factor could also make for a useful gameplay feature, perhaps making him an accessibility character. Maybe he could revive on his own, or he could simply regenerate health.


Nova would be a fun addition to the game, basically being a human rocket. Of all the characters on this list, he’s also the one I wouldn’t mind any iteration. While Richard Rider is one of the more notable iterations, Sam Alexander would make a good choice too. While Nova’s abilities would likely be similar to Captain Marvel’s, he would still be a cool addition to the team. It might even be a good marketing move if Marvel ever wants to spotlight Nova for any future use.


While Kamala Khan is considered an Inhuman, there’s a whole planet of Inhumans in the Marvel Universe. While Black Bolt, Medusa, Gorgon and more tend to get the spotlight, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 did a good job of shedding some light on Crystal. With her elemental manipulation, she would essentially be the Avatar of the game. Having her or any of the other members of the Inhuman royal family in this universe would surely make for an interesting event.

While there are many other members of the Avengers team to consider, we think these characters would make for great post-launch DLC. What do you think of our picks? Did we pick one of your favorites? Are we missing someone you think should make the cut? Let us know in the comments below on who you’d like to see.


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