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Review | Into A Dream

Into a Dream is a narrative adventure game from Filipe Thomaz, his first title. While being an adventure game in the vein of point and click titles, Into A Dream deals with topics like depression and companionship. You play as a volunteer navigating the dreams of Luke Williams, a depressed man for whom other therapies have failed.

Into A Dream is visually reminiscent of a moving monochrome painting. Silvery-white contrasts with the jet black heavy shadows that make up most of the game world. Occasionally, the monotony will be broken up by a splash of color at the right moment. While the graphics are simple, the heavy style lends it great character. The soft yet sad score, also created by Thomaz, suits the melancholy adventure.

Gameplay wise, Into A Dream mixes multiple genres for a varied experience. Puzzles, platforming and exploration form the bulk of Into A Dream, but the standout moments come during the dialogue segments. The entire game is voice acted at a charmingly professional level, and the branching dialogue paths all lead to differing outcomes. While at first, Into A Dream may feel like a walking simulator, the game does open up after the tutorial segment.

Throughout my six hour playthrough, I noticed no bugs, and the game ran at a smooth frame rate. Despite this, the movement speed and jump distance are difficult to gauge at first, and the game is a little janky overall. However, it’s easy to overlook these things since this is the first title from the developer. All things considered, the game does handle well enough for its intended purpose.

For a freshman effort, Into A Dream is a fantastic little adventure. While it does have flaws, the game’s heart is pure and shines throughout its visually impressive existence. Into A Dream is out today, and available on steam for PC, Mac and Linux.

Final Score: 7 out of 10

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