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Comic-Con@Home 2020 | Mega Construx is Releasing New Halo Sets

Mega Construx took the time to show off their new Halo merchandise from their construction toy line. Seems like the perfect time too considering the recent Halo Infinite reveal today. Toy Designer Mia shows off some of the new kits in the video presentation, which you can see below.

First up is Master Chief’s helmet, which will be a target exclusive for $29.99. This replica of Master Chief’s iconic helmet uses a new material unique to the set. A thin piece of plastic with a metallic finish is used to replicate the visor to the helmet, ensuring it gets the proper shape. To add an extra feature, the designers also made a chip that can be placed into the back of the helmet.

Second is the Energy Sword, which is a 1/2 scale replica that is also exclusive to Target for $49.99. The energy sword uses a transparent marble block to get that unique look that Halo fans know and love. The designers wanted to make sure it holds together so it could be swung around as well. It’s not recommended to strike anyone with it, as it is still made of small bricks, but Mega Construx wanted to make sure it wasn’t too delicate.

Moving onto the Mega Construx playsets, we have the Skiff Intercept, a new vehicle in the Halo line. This will retail for $39.99, and includes several mini figures. The vehicle will also have a turret with a built in control that allows it to turn in different directions.

There’s also the Mongoose set, which comes with a working banished turret. Known as the Defense Point Showdown, this building set will retail for $59.99. Both sets will offer a rebuild that gives new vehicle designs as well.

Finally, the Mega Construx SDCC exclusive for the Halo line, the Master Chief Collection. This set was created to show off how Master Chief has changed throughout the years, giving six different iterations of the Spartan. Retailing for $19.99, this set includes a Cortana chip that lights up the display to see all the details. Unfortunately, the set is already sold out, but hopefully some big Halo fans managed to get a hold of it. Either way, hopefully the other sets will be much easier to obtain.


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