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What to Expect from Animal Crossing’s Newest Update

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons 1.3 update is here, and with it comes a whole bunch of new content themed around Summer. While Nintendo has spaced out the gameplay updates, there’s always new items and furniture to collect. This time however, there’s a little bit of everything, the most exciting being the addition of swimming and diving. With the first day in New Horizons 1.3 under our belt, we take a look at all the changes.

First off the bat is the always delightful daily memo from Isabelle. Upon downloading the update, she delivers new dialogue, hinting at the core gameplay updates. If the idea of snorkeling in the oceans surrounding your island intrigues you, make a beeline to Nook’s Cranny. Once you’re there, head over to the glass tool case, and buy yourself a wetsuit. Like all other tools, wetsuits come in many different designs, a Nook themed design can also be purchased at the Town Hall. If practical beach fashion like the wetsuit catches your eye, be sure to check your mailbox for a free Snorkel mask.

After you’ve acquired a wetsuit (mine was a striped classic bathing suit), the beach will be your next stop. Simply press A while moving towards the tide and you’ll hop right in, no lessons required. Tapping the A button again will allow you to do a faster stroke, while pressing Y submerges your character. While submerged, if you come across a trail of bubbles heading upwards, swim towards it to collect one of many new Sea Creatures. Like all the other flora and fauna of your island, it can be sold to the shop, given to Blathers’ Museum, or placed somewhere in your home. One important item to look out for in your diving is Scallops. These shells summon the new traveling villager once a day to get a sea-themed recipe. While Pascal, the swimming villager, isn’t a guarantee for your first scallop, you’ll find him usually soon after.

When you’ve turned into a prune from too much swimming, the land portion of your game is just as exciting. While you were in the shop buying a wetsuit, you may have come across some of the new furniture. In addition to that, the Able Sister’s Clothing Shop has added some hot new items. If beautification isn’t your style, there’s the July insects and fish to catch. Early on, I found the walking leaf, a very cleverly disguised creature. Be careful when fishing, as any potential swimmers can scare away a catch. Whether with a friend or solo, there’s plenty of stuff to do in the new Animal Crossing update, and I look forward to seeing what future events or content Nintendo has planned.


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