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access_time July 1, 2020 at 12:21 AM in Previews by Cole Nixon

Preview | Death Stranding PC

Personally, I quite enjoy the weird hodgepodge that is Death Stranding, the idea of delivering packages as a surreal nightmare unfolds around you really clicks. The original PS4 version is, in my opinion, a highlight of the platform, and the PC version does not shy in comparison. With 20 hours under my belt, lets take a look at Death Stranding PC edition.

The first thing you’ll notice when you boot up Death Stranding is the performance increase. On PS4 Pro, I got a stable 30 FPS, however on PC, I hardly dropped below 60 while averaging 70-90. With the graphics turned up, the cutscenes took on a stunning quality. If you’ve got the hardware to play Death Stranding at maximum, you won’t be remiss. The higher framerate lets the delicacy of the controls shine; I often found myself able to pick up items while running or pulling off split second reactions. Not that the PS4 version was lacking, it’s just a new level of specificity. Personally, I look forward to seeing how the community pushes the game to the limit.

Gameplay wise, the larger player base will surely help the community of structure creators to craft massive undertakings. I set my difficulty to the max, so the few player buildings were greatly appreciated. I found myself branching out more, using permanent structures to complete my goals. Another benefit to a second look was the sidequests I’d neglected, there’s nothing better than turning in some lost cargo for clout. For Valve fans, there’s a set of sidequests that unlock exclusive Half-Life and Portal cosmetics, the exact details will be revealed soon. Needless to say, both the added and previously included sidequests are numerous and varied.

Storywise, for newcomers Death Strandings story and world may seem daunting. Just what is a BT, or Chiralium? However, the pacing allows you to learn as fast as you want, with plenty of readable content unlocked through playing. While the world is a strange and desolate one, the band of friends you meet leave a lasting impression. Despite playing the PS4 version previously, I was still happy to see the arrival of my favorite character, Higgs, in glorious 4k 60fps. The superb cast makes the trek worth it, and, without spoiling, the payoff is just as powerful as your journey.

Thankfully, fans of Death Stranding will be able to enjoy the PC experience soon on July 14th. For those looking for a one of a kind cinematic experience, I’d look no further than here. While the idea of delivering packages may be a turn off to some, Death Stranding crafts a uniquely positive reinforcement system. In my opinion, the first “Strand” genre game is an incredibly enjoyable one. The struggle will be real, but you’ve just got to keep on keeping on!


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