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Rogue Legacy 2 Impresses With New Trailer

Developer CellarDoorGames recently released a full trailer for their upcoming Rogue Legacy 2. Preceded by the unique and critically acclaimed Rogue Legacy, the sequel aims to differentiate itself visually and with improved gameplay mechanics. And PC gamers won’t have to wait too long before getting their hands on it. The game is slated to release via Early Access on Steam and the Epic Games Store on July 23rd. For non-PC gamers, the wait will be a while. According to the FAQ section on the game’s website, the developer is planning to be in Early Access for roughly a year before announcing the full release date and console release dates.

In the meantime, here are some images from Rogue Legacy 2. These new images show a noticeable departure from the pixelated style of the first game. Check them out below.

Along with the visual changes, several mechanical and design changes are coming as well. New abilities and new weapons will completely change how the player tackles each run. A new biome generation system will adapt to your current build, also changing the approach and flexibility within each run. In the original Rogue Legacy, a random player would automatically be chosen that would have a quirk such as “colorblindness”. In Rogue Legacy 2, you will be able to choose from a group of players with wider and more varying levels of traits. This leads to a higher-risk, higher-reward system. And while the first game tried to cater to hardcore and casual audiences, the sequel will attempt to broaden that scope even more by giving struggling players more ways to succeed. In general, the focus is to expand and improve on what the first game already offered so well.

What are your impressions? Do you like the new design choices, or do you wish they would’ve stuck with more of the original format? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.


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