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Telling Lies Achievement/Trophy Guide

Having a tough time getting the last few achievements for Telling Lies? Well, look no further! Telling Lies just released on consoles and a couple of additions were added from its original release last year. I enjoyed my time with it and gave it an 8 out of 10. The most notable additions are the new achievements that the developers added for all the hunters out there. Keep in mind that this is a story based game and it would be recommended to play it without a guide in an initial playthrough. In other words, this guide mainly serves to help those who might have trouble on the last few achievements. With that out of the way, here is the Telling Lies achievement list and their respective solutions.

NOTE: We will use the word achievement in place of trophy in this article, but it serves the same purpose.

Hey (Make it past 1am):
This, and the rest of the time based achievements should be earned during regular gameplay. There is a clock on the top right corner of the screen showing what the in-game time is, but there is no time limit or deadline forcing you to rush through the story.

All work and no play (Make it past 2am):
See Hey.

Nocturnal animals (Make it past 3am):
See Hey.

You’re a vampire (Make it past 4am):
See Hey.

Time is running out (Make it past 5am):
See Hey.

Sunrise (Headed out onto the roof):
You’ll earn this when you upload the data set and serves as the end of the game. You can do this before watching all 169 videos that are available for viewing in the game, and then use the “Continue” option to watch any missing videos and to obtain any missing achievements.

Full Upload (Uploaded the entire data set):
This is the toughest one, and is probably the most likely use for a guide. Within my regular gameplay, I watched about 140 of the 169 videos. With some trial and error and randomly typing in words in the in-game database, I got that number over 150. Thanks to Steam user scorpio and their Keywords for 170 videos guide, I was able to get the remaining ones that I had missed.

Here are the words – Accountant, Agent, Alba, Anesthesiologists, A-Squared, A**hole, Aurora, Ava, Baby, Baddie, Barbecue, Bark, Bellevue, Berry, Black Kite, Boat, Boo, Books, Bridge, California, Clean, Daniel, Davey, David, Dentist, DWP, Emma, End, Eric, Fever, Fireworks, F***, F***ing, Glowy, Green Storm, Gun, Halloween, Harry, Isabella, Jane, Jane Dean, Jones, Karen, Kink, Knight Eighty, Laura, Little Mermaid, Love, Mary, Max, Maxine, Medicine, Melissa, Michelle, Mike, Miller, Mission, Momma, Organizing Group, Papa, Paul, Peter, Pipeline, Pookie, Pregnant, Prosperen, Rally, Real Name, Record, Riordan, Secret, She’s My, S***, Shot, Simon, Smith, Snow White, Spell, Star, Steven, Tennis, Terrorist, Valentine, Water Is Life

Pointless Game (It’s the taking part that counts):
Play 10 or so games of Solitaire, and you’ll get this. Note that you don’t have to play an entire game. You can just hit the reshuffle button on the bottom right of the Solitaire screen, and it will eventually pop.

Animal Logic (Cats can’t type):
Just after 3am, a cat will jump on the keyboard. The cat leaves behind a string of letters and characters in the search field and you just have to hit the “Search” button for this one. This one might be missable if you don’t search immediately.

Organizer (You like tagging things):
You have the ability to tag videos that you’ve seen in the database. It didn’t pop when I tried doing a large group of videos at once, so I just tagged one video as “A” the next as “B” and so on and so forth until it popped.

Librarian (You like bookmarking):
You have the ability to bookmark whatever area of a video that you like so that you could easily come back to it later. Do this 20 times and you’ll get the achievement.

Taking out the Trash (Tidying up the desktop):
Move everything on the desktop, including the external harddrive with the database on it, into the trash bin and you’ll get this one.

Hypertextual (Clicking down the rabbit hole):
Like Full Upload, this one might require some assistance. This is a new achievement and it’s not very self-explanatory like the others. You have the ability to highlight any spoken word in a video just by pressing down during a conversation. Once you highlight the word, hit the enter button and it will automatically fill the database search field with that word. Do this 10 times (I did a different word each time) to get this one.

Missing King (The game is rigged):
When playing Solitaire, at some point you will notice that there is a missing King in the deck. At times, this creates a roadblock where you will not be able to beat the game due to this. Only took a couple of games of Solitaire for this to pop for me.

Forgot My Password (It’s not “password”):
You are automatically connected to the home network on the in-game computer, but you’ll notice on the top right corner that you can click on the network list and see others around you. All of the networks will be locked, and if you select them, it will prompt you to enter the password.  Just type in “password” into a few different networks and you’ll get it.

And that should do it for the Telling Lies Achievement/Trophy guide. With this guide, you should have all the trophies and achievements in the game. For PlayStation 4 users, this will unlock the “All Done” Platinum trophy. Xbox One players however will now have a nice 1000 gamer score. See any issues with our Telling Lies Achievement/Trophy guide? Have any additional questions? Let us know in the comments below.


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