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Review | Moving Out

Moving Out is a hilariously chaotic, physics-based moving simulator, in which players are new hires at Smooth Moves Inc., tasked with, well, moving. This wacky couch co-op combines ultra-sensitive physics and witty writing against a synthpop-inspired theme for an addicting gameplay experience. If Goat Simulator and Overcooked had a wedding officiated by a less raunchy Borderlands in the 80’s, you are a guest in attendance. A witness to pure chaos, you can’t look away, and the music is amazing.

The game begins with a simple tutorial – and your new hire video. From simple controls to move boxes, to more complex maneuvers like slapping ghosts and throwing boxes, you build your repertoire of skills to become a Furniture Arrangement Relocation Technician, or F.A.R.T., for short. After your brief training, you’re shoved into a moving truck to your first assignment. Sounds simple; moving boxes and furniture out of a one-bedroom onto a moving truck.

Here’s where the physics come into play. Are you familiar with games that simulate and alter physics? Games such as Goat Simulator or Human Fall Flat perhaps? Well, expect that same energy with Moving Out. For the uninitiated, expect a myriad of loose and almost unexpected movement. That box is going exactly where you think it’s going, but it’s gonna surprise you along the way. The beautifully clunky and orchestrated physics of the game add to the charm and hilarity of the entire experience.

Moving Out is a couch co-op, allowing players to share the experience with others. Much like Overcooked, another big couch co-op title published under Team17, Moving Out relies on teamwork in order to be successful. What sets this game apart from Overcooked, however, is the lack of stress; while Overcooked forced players to remember recipes, micromanage each other, and multitask while screaming against the clock, Moving Out has a singular motive: move items from point A to point B, either alone, or with a friend. With a simplified task list, Moving Out is an environment that allows teamwork to flourish and trust to grow. 

One downside of Moving Out is the controls. In nearly every other video game, from RPGs to open world, there’s usually a default way to pick up or interact with an object. Moving Out comes straight out of left field with the triggers being how you interact with items. While there is a slight learning curve using these buttons, it’s a very welcome change from the norm.

While assignments have relatively the same motive, the gameplay still manages to remain fresh and enjoyable. I found myself entertained by the witty dialogue between characters, while also finding joy in driving my truck across the overworld map between assignments. Overall, Moving Out is a welcomed addition to one’s arsenal of co-op games. It’s not just a co-op, but a well-designed experience that puts a stress-relieving spin on a universally stressful experience.

Final Score: 9 out of 10

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  • David Poole April 29, 2020 at 5:09 PM

    This really sounds like a lot of fun. Maybe after this whole pandemic blows over, I’ll be able to play this with some friends.

  • Archerbob April 30, 2020 at 5:04 AM

    If you have it on steam you can always use remote play to play with your friends.

    • David Poole April 30, 2020 at 11:31 AM

      Oh, I know, but this is something I’d prefer to play locally.

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