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See What You’re Up Against in Sakura Wars’ New Demon Conflict Trailer

Today, Sega has released a brand new trailer for Sakura Wars focusing on the demon conflict in the game. Sakura Wars takes place in an alternate 1940s Tokyo with fantasy and steampunk elements. Fans will play as Seijuro Kamiyama, leader of the Flower Division of the Imperial Combat Revue. It’s the job of all Combat Revues to ward off demons born from the negative energy of man. You can check out the trailer below.

The Demon Conflict trailer showcases exactly what kind of threat the Imperial Combat Revue is up against in the game. Not only will they have to take on demons, but they’ll have various antagonists in their way as well. This includes the greater demons Oboro and Yaksha. Oboro takes pleasure in the suffering of humanity, using his twisted mind to achieve it in any way possible. Fans of the franchise may also find the mysterious Yaksha to be quite familiar looking as well. These two and more will challenge players that pick up the game later this month.

The game will launch in three editions: the physical Launch Edition, Digital Edition, and the Digital Deluxe Edition. Included in the physical Launch Edition is the base game, reversible cover art, a character sticker sheet, and the theater costume DLC pack. If you purchase the game digitally, you’ll get a dynamic PS4 theme and the Neko Ears accessory bundle.

Upgrading to the Digital Deluxe Edition will also grant players with even more digital goodies. This includes the Neko Ears, Dog Tail, Glasses, and Angel accessories for the characters to wear. It will also include DLC costumes and music with the “Legacy of Love” set, featuring costumes based on characters and songs from previous games. Finally, the Digital Deluxe Edition will include the swimsuit set, allowing players to dress the Imperial Combat Revue in fun swimwear.

Sakura Wars will launch on April 18th, exclusively for the PlayStation 4. We have a preview of the upcoming game, so feel free to check it out here. You can also look forward to our review later this month. Are you looking forward to the new Sakura Wars? Let us know in the comments below!


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