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Review | MLB The Show 20

The MLB The Show series has always been a hit for me. It’s top notch graphics and attention to detail have always made it one of my favorite sports game franchises. This year’s rendition, MLB The Show 20, provides another solid overall experience. Unfortunately, it’s also a bland addition to the series.

Beginning with the games positives, its slightly refined hitting system gives a small yet incredible adjustment to how the offensive side of the game is played. The addition of “perfect” contact to the quality of swings gives players much more control of whether they can hit home runs or not.

The targeting system from previous versions of the series returns, but previously it was more of a general highlighted area. The game now has a much more precise system that allows players to aim their bats exactly where they want.

Defensively, a slight adjustment allows for a much better gameplay experience. Fielders react a bit faster than in previous years and the throwing system gives players a much more realistic game.

Players now have to target their throwing power in a designated green area when throwing to make a quality throw. This is an area that allows for better defensive players.

Admittedly, it does take a while to get the hang of the new system. Once you perfect it though, it really allows for players to make some great plays. This change also allows for much more representation of the abilities of different players.

In addition to refined gameplay, MLB The Show 20 provides full minor league rosters. This is the first time in the history of the series that fully licensed minor league players get representation. This is huge for the games’ realism because players can now play game modes like “Franchise” and “Road to the Show” without running into a hoard of made-up players like in previous years.

Despite these improvements, it might not be enough to make MLB The Show 20 a winner. What brings the quality down however, is that despite being solid, there’s nothing making it stand out as a great game. No new game modes and no major revamps to existing ones. The only real new feature is the addition of custom leagues, which is nice, but it doesn’t enhance the game.

As said before, as a standalone experience, MLB The Show 20 is fine. However, as part of an annual series, it falls short from hitting a home run. Nothing about this game makes me feel as though the $60 price tag is truly worth it for returning fans. I’d say wait for a sale, then purchase it. You’ll thank yourself later.

Final score 6.5 out of 10

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