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VR Review Mini | Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One: X-Wing VR Mission

Unfortunately, we’re still working on another VR title for review, so for now, this week’s VR Review will be a mini one. Back in 2015, EA had DICE and Criterion Games make their reboot to the Star Wars Battlefront series. To coincide with the release of Sony’s new PlayStation VR system, as well as the Rogue One movie, they made a X-Wing VR mission. For owners of the game, it would be a free download, allowing them to utilize their brand new headsets. Is it worth checking out? We certainly think so.

Being in the early days of PlayStation VR, there weren’t a lot of options to play. It was honestly nice to see Criterion make a free mission to check out, even if it was to promote a movie. You play as a rebel X-Wing pilot known as Red 4, out on a standard patrol. After receiving a distress signal from K-2SO, you suddenly jump into hyperspeed to assist. This mission takes you through an asteroid belt and then to a climactic battle against several Tie Fighters. You’ll also end up taking on a Star Destroyer, even if it is just to escape. While it’s a brief mission, lasting roughly 20 minutes, it’s still a blast.

The game will have the same controls as the normal game does for piloting an X-Wing. You can speed up or slow down, fire blasters and proton torpedos, and you’ll also have a shield. While the controls aren’t much different, being able to look around inside the cockpit makes a huge difference. The fact that your visibility is expanded works a world of wonders and allows you to plan your attacks better. It’s also great that the cockpit is full of little details, with the ability to press many of the buttons inside.

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like an X-Wing pilot, this is the best way to do it. The visuals and overall atmosphere perfectly immerse you here, making spectacular use of the VR technology. The authentic audio, from the music to the voices and sound effects, help to further place you in the mission. Honestly, over three years later, this is still one of the best VR experiences on the platform. The Easter Eggs hidden throughout are a nice touch as well.

The only problem with the Rogue One: X-Wing VR Mission is it’s too short. Honestly, it would be great if EA and DICE were to make more missions, or even a full blown game to showcase this. There’s a lot of potential to tap into here, and it’s surprising that this hasn’t happened yet. With a truly immersive and authentic experience, this is still one of the best examples of VR to date. If you own a copy of Star Wars Battlefront, a PlayStation VR headset, and have yet to try it out, do yourself a favor and download it. It’s definitely worth the experience.

Final Score: 9 out of 10

This review is part of our new VR Reviews feature, where we feature new and old VR titles every Thursday. Look forward to more VR Reviews in the future if you’re looking for more games to play on your VR headset.


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