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access_time April 1, 2020 at 1:00 PM in News by David Poole

This Guy Sold Nothing But Sea Bass to Pay Off Their Entire Animal Crossing: New Horizons Home???

[Disclaimer: This is an April Fool’s Day piece we had prepared, and while it hurts the spirit of the idea to reveal the joke ahead of the time, we hope this light satire helps to bring a smile to your face during these difficult times]. Has everyone been enjoying their time in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Catching hundreds of tarantulas and working the stalk market to pay off those pesky loans? Well this individual, going by the name of “SeaBassFan,” just paid off all his house upgrades using a different method. You’ve heard of the one who reached the World of Warcraft level cap doing only herbalism. Many dare to take down the Dark Souls series in no-hit runs. This particular gamer chose to only sell sea bass to earn all his bells.

Many people see the sea bass as the bane of existence in Animal Crossing. This is what SeaBassFan had to say about taking on this endeavor. “I actually love the sea bass. They’re the coolest fish in the series because you can find them so easily. Why spend time hunting down the rare fish when the sea bass is sitting right there, begging to be caught? I simply accepted the call and sold them exclusively to pay off all my home upgrades.” Keep in mind, that’s 5,696,000 bells to pay off your entire mortgage. That’s exactly 17,800 sea bass.

When asked how long it took, SeaBassFan said “a sea bass is worth 320 bells in Animal Crossing, and all the home loans are tens of hundreds of thousands of bells. I actually got my copy early through the mail and started a couple days before launch. Since then, I’ve spent roughly 16 hours a day, just fishing sea bass. If I saw a small shadow, I completely ignored it. If the fish was anything else, I threw it back in. I made my last loan payment on March 31st in the early hours, and now I’m going to fill every room with this amazing fish.”

SeaBassFan went on to say that he also crafted hundreds of fishing rods, breaking many during the run. His only regret was that he didn’t properly chronicle the event, taking only a handful of screenshots. He even made a tank top depicting the fish, in honor of his dedication. What a legend. We’re still working on our Animal Crossing: New Horizons review, and hopefully we’ll have it up within the next few days.

[Source] Oh, and April Fools.


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