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Review | Zombie Army 4: Dead War

I love the zombie trend. It brought a few of my all-time favorite movies such as Dawn of the Dead and Zombieland. The trend also came with some incredibly fun and action-packed games, including Left 4 Dead, The Last of Us and the Dead Rising series. Sadly, over time, people got bored of this concept and zombies began to slowly straggle behind, hidden in a dark corner munching on a piece of brain. Fortunately, they aren’t entirely gone from the industry. Sometimes they make an awesome comeback in a game such as Zombie Army 4: Dead War. Endless waves of zombies, guns, co-op. Do I need to say more?

You might have already guessed how excited I am about these games from my introduction. These days, I rarely say yes to playing zombie games, I feel like people do need a break from them. But who am I to say no to fun?

Zombie Army 4 is the latest installment in the series. The story takes place sometime around 1946, just one year after the events of the last game. Hitler is dead, but the zombie armies raised by him are still very much, well… undead. Resistance bases fall one by one by the hordes, and it’s your job to find out how to stop them. Pretty cool, huh?!

The campaign features nine missions, playable in both co-op and single player. The game’s story gives players a sense of purpose, making the endless zombie killing extravaganza more meaningful. You don’t have to only kill everyone you encounter because you like it, you do it to save the entire world! I would strongly recommend playing through the entire campaign with a friend or using the included matchmaking series. Your companions won’t always be the best, but life is a lot easier with friends – especially when you are hunted by hordes of zombies.

The enemy line-up is much more diversified than I’ve expected, from the plain old regular zombies to more fierce ones with special armors and well-hidden weak points. The game certainly keeps you on your toes, as you’ll constantly need to adapt your gameplay to match the challenge ahead. It will be much harder for you to take down a zombie tank, rather than an old grandma trying to overfeed you with brains.

To aid the players, Rebellion put in place a nice little upgrade system for weapons. These upgrades allow you to add weapon attachments to enhance their firepower. Sniper rifles feature the old and familiar x-ray effect when vital parts of your enemies are being hit. It doesn’t make that much sense for a zombie game… but at least you can see how a dead brain is being pierced by a high caliber sniper rifle. You’ll also have to constantly switch between weapons. My personal favorites would be the shotgun for close encounters and the sniper rifle for picking up enemies from a great distance. Unfortunately, more often than not, those long distance shots pathetically miss the mark.

Every ten successful kills with any weapon will unlock a special temporary ability that’s integral to the mission’s success. Using it will give players a health boost, which is very necessary due to the short supply of med packs. You can also select one of four special melee attacks: electric fist, machete slash, divine blast, and the awesome incendiary axe throw. Combine these superpowers with the weapons previously mentioned, and you’re ready to kick some ass and chew some bra… bubblegum.

If you quickly finish the campaign and trust me, you will, you can start venturing in the game’s horde mode. It features some pretty interesting maps, alongside weekly challenges that reward you with XP and skins. So you won’t only save the world by killing millions of zombies. You’ll do it in style, with the very best and shiniest skins.

Zombie Army 4 is incredibly fun, especially when playing with friends, but I feel it could feature slightly more content. The good thing is that the developer promised us a handful of new maps, but at the time of this review – they aren’t yet available. Until then, I will be polishing my weapons and I will keep throwing molotov cocktails at zombies. And don’t forget Zombieland’s rule no. 17: double tap. When in doubt, don’t get stingy with your bullets.

Final score: 7 out of 10

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