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Review | RBI Baseball 20

With real life sports at a full-on standstill right now, it’s nice to have any distraction possible. In that regard, RBI Baseball 20 couldn’t have come at a better time. Despite that, is this baseball sim from MLB exactly what we need?

The latest addition to the series features a much different control system, referred to as the “modern” option. This new “modern” option gives players much more control over the game than in previous years. This is especially true on the pitching side, as it’s now much easier to set a location for pitches, determine which pitches to throw, and how you want to throw them.

The “modern” control system allows players who have a better knowledge of baseball to use that knowledge on the mound, and for that, it’s one of RBI Baseball 20’s biggest improvements. However, the game’s new control system finds not nearly as much success on the hitting side.

Hitting with the new control system was almost impossible for me. It requires players to charge up their swing before the pitcher even makes their throw. This makes it impossible to determine how much power one will need for the upcoming pitch.

While guessing on and waiting for certain pitches is a part of baseball, the “modern” control system fails to replicate that guessing game in a way that players can actually use. Luckily players can mix and match which control systems they want to use for each part of the game. I actually love the new “modern” system everywhere else, including fielding and base-running. They’re a huge improvement over previous years It’s primarily hitting where I prefer to stay with the game’s classic controls.

RBI Baseball 20 hits where it needs to. It provides casual fans with a fun, arcade-like experience that can fill the void that actual baseball is currently leaving behind. However, while I know this is an arcade-style game, I wish that it would live up to that aspect more.

RBI Baseball 20 feels like it’s forcing itself in a position where it wants to be a middle ground between a simulation game like The Show series and an arcade experience like Mario Super Sluggers. Because of that, I feel like there could be so much more done with it. The game is still fun for the casual fan. Unfortunately, it needs to have more actual “arcade-like” aspects if it wants to become a truly great game.

Final score: 5.5 out of 10

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