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Games to Play While Under Quarantine

With many people all over the world suddenly placed in isolation, many are left with a lot more free time. The spread of COVID-19, AKA Coronavirus, has created a crisis that can no longer be ignored. Since so many aren’t used to being stuck at home, this situation leaves them in need of things to do. While we encourage spending time with your family, we also have a few game recommendations for those stuck in quarantine. This list will provide hours upon hours of gameplay, and may even help to simulate the lives we already live. Here is our list of games to play while in quarantine.

Yakuza series

From Yakuza 0 to Judgment, there’s plenty of time to spend in the streets of Kamurocho. While you’re socially distancing yourself in reality, spend time with fantastic characters like Kazuma Kiryu, Goro Majima, Takayuki Yagami, and more. Beat up street thugs using anything you can get your hands on and showcase some flashy martial arts. When you’re done fighting, take a visit to the Club Sega arcade and play games like Fantasy Zone, Virtua-On, and Fighting Vipers. Even more activities await, including UFO catchers, Mahjong, bowling, card games and even disco dancing. Too lonely to do all these activities by yourself? Well perhaps you can simulate a date with some of the lovely ladies you’ll meet in the series… or all of them. There truly is a lot to do to simulate a normal life, albeit a dangerous one.

This series makes for a perfect quarantine time killer with several titles to play, each with their own fantastic stories. PlayStation 4 owners especially have the whole gamut of titles to choose from. At least now Xbox and PC users are also starting to get in on the Yakuza action. If you end up loving the series, it may even get you prepared for Yakuza: Like a Dragon.


For those that are the creative type, they may be happy to utilize the endless tools of Media Molecule’s Dreams. The fantastic creative suite offers tons of flexibility and freedom, allowing users to craft their own games. Even if you’re not the creative type, you may prefer to play the games of others. Many have made incredibly deep projects, from full original works to homages to classic games.

If you’re stuck in quarantine for a couple weeks, this may be the perfect rabbit hole to explore. Tons of time to spend creating your perfect dream game may give a pleasant satisfaction. It’s the perfect combination of creation and imagination, and the possibilities are practically endless.

Endless Space 2 – recommended by Cole Nixon

Craving a slow drip of excitement that’ll last for days? Why not conquer a galaxy. In Amplitude Studios 4X strategy, you are tasked with running a civilization that spans star systems. Fans of similar games like the Civilization series will find a kindred experience in the turn based strategy layer, but the heightened level of colony management may be off putting to some. Despite that, nothing is more satisfying than wiping out an entire flotilla of capital ships or glassing a planet.

Endless Space 2 also features an adaptive questline system that allows you to compete against AI or fellow players in more ways than just combat, offering a hearty challenge against the computer or fellow quarantine-goers. In addition, Endless Space 2 takes advantage of the steam workshop for mods, custom scenarios and more. If you’re looking to just kill a few hours, or maybe a planet or two, Endless Space 2 is the game for you. 

Terarria – recommended by Cole Nixon

While many of us will be in isolation with our gaming rigs, there’s times when a less resource heavy option is necessary. Terraria offers an exciting experience without taxing your system. And if for some reason you find yourself on the go, it’s available for Switch, mobile devices and the 3DS as well. While not as popular as its cousin Minecraft, Terraria comes ready with hours of content, including dozens of bosses, dungeons and special events to keep you busy. If endless combat isn’t your speed, the game offers fishing, farming and trading to do in your downtime.

If you’re feeling lonely, Terraria offers a bevy of NPCs that can move in along with you to help with your work, and the game offers co-op over the internet if you crave more. It’s arcade aesthetics will have you feeling right at home as you fight your way through anything from classic monsters to something a little more lovecraftian. Despite having two dimensions less than your typical game, Terraria makes up for it in volumes of things to do, and is a surefire way to spend your time.

Slay the Spire – recommended by Kieran Toovey

Looking for an in-depth card building game that will put your versatility to the test? Slay the Spire is a roguelike game from MegaCrit that has the ability to last you through a 14 day self-quarantine period, or longer. The unique turn based battle system uses cards for your attacks, defense, and buffs, constantly asking you to think several steps ahead. It’s the type of game that’s easy to pick up and possibly luck yourself into some early game success. It also takes lots of practice and skill to succeed far into each unique run. With multiple characters (four currently on PC and three on console, with the fourth coming soon) that have varied skillsets and addictive gameplay, time will fly by. You’ll want to partake in one more battle, fight one more boss, or if you’ve met your maker, try one more run.

Death Stranding

It might be a little too relatable, but Death Stranding represents what the world would be like at maximum social distancing. The world is littered with small shelters filled with people, each separated from the Bridges network. It’s up to Sam Porter Bridges to bring the people what they need and connect them to the same network. Funny enough, we’re supposed to refrain from physical contact, and Sam suffers from aphenphosmphobia, the fear of being touched. It almost seems too perfect for our current crisis.

The game is perfect for being in quarantine because there’s hours upon hours of gameplay to take in. Perhaps you want to gather resources and build the roads for quicker traversal? Maybe you want to find every last person in the world to connect your chiral network? It might even just be good to set up ziplines for others to use in the shared online system. Whatever your goal may be, just be sure to avoid the dangers of the BTs.

Persona 5 (Royal)

We’re still working on our review for Persona 5 Royal, but we can’t deny how well it fits a quarantine situation. With dozens of hours of story content, this JRPG will ask for a lot of your time. Persona 5 Royal might not be out yet, but even the original Persona 5 is still worth the time. With Persona 5 Royal coming at the end of the month, it may potentially release by the end of this whole epidemic. Either way, this is the perfect JRPG to sink your time into.

Persona 5 simulates a real life as well as any other game. You’ll go to school attend a part-time job, go on dates, and fight evil shadows in the Metaverse…wait. But seriously, a group of high school students become the Phantom Thieves, balancing normal life and supernatural exploits to steal the hearts of criminal minds. The game has a ton of things to do, and a lot of it takes time in your in-game schedule. Luckily, in quarantine, time is exactly what you might have. With plenty of style, great music, and a fun cast of characters, this is an obvious choice for the list.

COVID-19 is simply one epidemic, though there is always a chance that another crisis can have a similar effect. Our list will have a few more entries, including some multiplayer options. We feel the current list is a good start, but we know there are going to be other options. If you have games to suggest, we’d love to hear them in the comments below. For now, let us know what you think of our list, and stay healthy out there.


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