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Review | Mega Modz PS4 Macro Remap Controller

Even though the dawning of the PlayStation 5 era is approaching sooner each day, innovations are still happening for the PlayStation 4 and its accessories. Just recently, Sony released their DualShock Back Button attachment, which adds two programmable buttons to an existing DualShock 4 controller. At $29.99, this has been a big hit, making it hard for retailers to keep them on the shelves. However, this falls short in the realm of modding and customization. Which is where third parties come in. One of those third parties is Mega Modz.

Mega Modz dedicate themselves to customer service, their technology, and giving the consumer the ability to create what they want. Encapsulating all of those concepts, they have just released their Macro controller for the PS4. With their experience and expertise from previous models, they are aiming for new heights with the Macro. Taking the controller for a test drive, here’s what we have to say about it.

Simply put, the Macro is a controller that can easily be modified (commonly referred to as modded) without any additional hardware or software. This is a huge plus for people that aren’t savvy with programming, don’t like reading through tons of text, and want to just jump in and reap the benefits. Said programming benefits include: Rapid Fire, Auto Burst, Dual Trigger Rapid Fire, Sniper Breath, Auto Sprint, and Auto Heal. Obviously, these are huge benefits to players that play shooters, but they can provide benefits to other genres as well.

Those features refer to the inner workings of the controller, but there are visual and tangible differences from a standard DualShock 4 controller as well. There’s a small red button and two medium sized “macro” buttons on the back of the controller. There are also four LED lights on the bottom. All these transformations take place on Sony’s standard first party controller. This makes transitioning to the controller easy, due to its familiarity. By pressing these additional buttons and following along with the LED lights as a visual marker, mapping and remapping couldn’t be much easier.

However, there are some issues that are hard to ignore. The major one is the price tag. Currently priced at $139.99, it makes selling it to casual gamers and those on a budget pretty tough. Despite this, it’s still one of the cheaper options for PS4 controller mods. There’s also lesser issues, such as some third party charging cables not being compatible with the controller. This leaves certain unfortunate souls with their original short charging cable as the only option. Even though the macro button locations are as inconspicuous as possible, they’re where your hands naturally wrap around the controller. Because of this, an intuitive grip is taken away and replaced with an altered one.

Luckily, there are some things that mitigate the issues with the controller. For example, Mega Modz support team is incredible. They respond very quickly and efficiently. A thorough manual is also provided with the controller, providing those who take a little bit of time to read it with thorough guidelines and insight. And on top of great customization with the mapping of the controller and its functions, there are several controller designs that range from gorgeous, to unique, to comical. 

Even if the Macro controller and its price tag aren’t for everyone, it’s an excellent controller. The team at Mega Modz have expertly tweaked a well established product to give users more freedom and control. If you’re looking for a boost to your online play, your trophy count, or unique designs, then look no further.

Final Score: 8.5 out of 10

If you’d like more information about the Mega Modz Macro controller, click here. To purchase your own, check out their Amazon page.


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