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access_time February 9, 2020 at 6:00 AM in PC/Mac by Cole Nixon

Preview | Filament

Filament, by Beard Envy, has succeeded in doing what only Undertale and Persona had previously done: making me want a plush of a character. The cable guy you control is adorable and makes me wish I could hang around these puzzles a bit longer.

In Filament, you play as a spaceman who is tasked with saving the crew of a spaceship fraught with tech problems. The calm station serves as a hub for the puzzles and offers a unique backdrop. However, the sparse layout of the puzzles themselves and simple color scheme benefits the game’s light (pun intended) art design. The abstract aesthetic meant the game ran beautifully on my system at max. The over world matches the puzzle design, but cranks up the amount of textures and models for a truly cinematic experience. Combined with a cozy yet lonely voice acting, with a quirky electronic soundscape, and Filament sets you up to undertake the wiring job of a lifetime.

At its heart, the puzzles of Filament are hard yet rewarding to complete. Personally, the games aesthetics and difficulty reminded me of indie darling Risk Of Rain. To accomplish your task, you use a wiring system piloted by an adorable light-bulb creature. The wires that you lay can impede your own progress, as you cannot cross them. Simply light up all the pylons and you’re free to make your way to the exit, if you haven’t tangled yourself up.

Despite being an incredibly enjoyable puzzle experience, Filament is not without a few spots on an otherwise incredible polish. The wonderful voice acting sometimes desyncs from the subtitles, and the text can get small on larger monitors. Filament would benefit from an increased options menu, especially in regards to the graphics area. While being beautiful and easy to run, some customization of graphical effects could help tailor the experience. In 20 hours of play, I found only one glitch that was fixed upon reset. Out of the box, there are numerous puzzles available, offering a lot of content for an opening release. Overall, in terms of both ease of play and ease of access, the game does decently well.

Despite some minor issues, Filament is a wonderful puzzle game. With it’s simple yet challenging obstacles, addictive gameplay and strong aesthetics, I would recommend hopping on the wire for Filament as soon as possible. While already an enjoyable title, it can only benefit from further updates. Currently, there’s no hard release date, but Filament should release sometime this quarter on Steam.


  • David Poole February 10, 2020 at 10:31 PM

    This honestly sounds really fun, I hope that people don’t sleep on it.

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