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Streamer Spotlight Saturday: Solonface

Welcome to our second Streamer Spotlight Saturday! This new site feature highlights up-and-coming streamers to help them reach more viewers. These streamers are hand-picked to be featured on our site every Saturday, but we’ll also accept applicants for future spotlights. We also take the opportunity to post support pages for those streamers as well, which may include donation or charity links. Last Saturday, we featured LightinCloud as our first spotlight. Today, our spotlight turns to Solonface.

Solon Scott, AKA Solonface, is an entertainer and game designer who specializes with quirky games. Solonface tends to play interesting games with deep stories and his selection is ever-changing. This includes games like Control, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and the Final Fantasy series. His monthly “Until We Beat” series has him playing long games like JRPGs until they’re beaten. In some cases, these streams have gone on for up to 72 hours. This includes Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, which lasted nearly 45 hours.

Watch live video from solonface on www.twitch.tv

Solonface also has an annual charity stream called “The Wiikend Invitational“, where he plays terrible Wii games for 36 hours, raising money for Take This and mental health awareness. He continues to build a community with his Discord channel, including streamers from the Seattle Online Broadcasters Association (SOBA). Solonface edits videos for the gaming culture site Video Game Choo Choo, and he also teaches middle school students how to make award winning games. He plans to attend PAX East next month, and you can always reach him on Twitter, YouTube, or Twitch.

If you are a small streamer and you’re looking to get a bigger audience, feel free to let us know. Send an email with your Twitch channel to David.Poole@GotGame.com and we’ll give it a look. We do screen candidates before approving, so there is no guarantee you will be featured. If you are featured, we will reach out to you and let you know.


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