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NYCC 2019 Preview | Project Resistance

Were you one of the lucky few to be picked for the Project Resistance beta? Capcom’s new Resident Evil themed project has changed the formula up quite a bit. GotGame was able to try Project Resistance this past weekend at New York Comic-Con, going hands on with one of the survivors. While we hope to try playing the role of Mastermind one day, there’s plenty involvement for the survivors too.

Project Resistance is a new 4 vs 1 multiplayer experience where it’s four survivors against one ruthless Mastermind. Each survivor has special skills, giving them their own important roles. Samuel is the attacker of the group, having a special dash punch and powerful boxing moves. Valerie is the healer, having a powerful first aid mist, but also the ability to highlight items in an area. Tyrone is the tank, able to take more damage and buff ally defenses as well. Finally, January, the character I chose, is the hacker of the group. She can disable cameras, especially those mounted with machine guns, and even use an EMP to foil the plans of the Mastermind.

All these characters have vital roles, and victory requires a bit of team work. Samuel and Tyrone will want to protect Valerie and January with their powerful melee attacks. Valerie will have to keep the team alive when they’re hurt and point out puzzle items. January will have to stay vigilant to negate certain actions from the Mastermind. With this in mind, communication is pretty important for success. While it’s possible to defeat a Mastermind without it, it definitely helps a lot to have.

Gameplay will be similar to the more modern Resident Evil control scheme (4, 5, 6, and Revelations). Survivors will wake up in the Mastermind’s course with five minutes on the clock. A vending machine with weapons and items will be available, though the clock will be ticking right away. Survivors will find Umbrella credits that they can use to make these purchases at the vending machines. The goal? Escape three dangerous sections alive. Defeating enemies add time to the clock while taking damage reduces time. Enemies will display damage counters upon successful hits too. Completing each section will add time to the clock as well.

While players can purchase items, they can still find ammo and various items around the map. Herbs can be picked up, but unlike traditional Resident Evil games, you won’t be mixing them. Green herbs heal like normal, while blue herbs will cure infection. None of my teammates got infected, but it probably goes without saying that it’s bad. When the Mastermind takes control of cameras or zombies, the survivors will be able to see, allowing them to change up their strategy. Even if they do, that doesn’t always mean they can easily dispatch the Mastermind.

Playing as January, my job was usually taking out the camera’s to foil the Mastermind. These abilities run on a cooldown, so spamming the ability isn’t an option. The hacking ability was roughly a minute long cool-down while the EMP took a bit longer. I would miss a few machine guns due to this, but we didn’t take too much damage. When fighting, I would conserve ammunition as much as possible, aim for the head, and even use the knife from time to time. Eventually, I would purchase other weapons like shotguns, magnums, and various grenades. These helped out a lot in the various scenarios, but teamwork is still key.

The first section would have the survivors search an office area for puzzle pieces. These pieces would change, so they could be trophies to place in a trophy case, or even parts of a giant raccoon mascot. Three pieces will be scattered around, and the Mastermind will be able to defend them as they please. Zombie placement can easily catch you off guard, as some will crawl, and others will be in large groups. Zombie dogs, backpack zombies, and even the ivy zombies will do everything they can to make life difficult for you. Once the survivors collect all the pieces, they’ll want to stand in front of the escape door to move to the next area.

In section two, the survivors will have to find the armored security zombie and defeat him for his ID card. Once the survivors obtain it, they have to activate three terminals. The security zombie has a bullet-proof vest on, so taking him down won’t be easy. Even then, there are plenty of other zombies, and traps, to be aware of. Destroying traps adds to the timer, and players will want to make sure they watch out for them. Falling in a trap at a wrong time can easily be a lethal mistake.

Finally, getting to area three, there are three red bio-tanks to destroy. For being large glass containers, they certainly take a lot of damage. Players will want to prioritize these as they appear around the map. Unfortunately, in our session, this was when the Mastermind unleashed the Tyrant. Mr. X came in, the Mastermind placing him next to me and taking no time in knocking me down. Other zombies took no time to swarm me and I was unfortunately stuck in a prone position. I watched as my teammates fell one by one, only one red tank left to unlock the escape route. While my team may have failed, we got pretty far and had a lot of fun.

Project Resistance is an interesting side project. It seems a lot more fleshed out than Umbrella Corps, but it sounds like Capcom is still figuring out how they want to present the game. The game runs on the RE Engine and looks fantastic, though still not quite as good as Resident Evil 2. That’s not a bad thing, as the game is still pretty great looking for a smaller scope game. It does sound like there will be multiple Masterminds and ideally, that means multiple survivors for each class too. Project Resistance doesn’t currently have a release date, but we’ll likely have more information on it as it emerges. Project Resistance will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


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