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NYCC 2019 Preview | Monster Hunter World: Iceborne — Rajang Arena

At New York Comic-Con 2019, Capcom was on site with demos for a lot of upcoming games. While Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is currently available, and excellent, it’s still getting frequent updates. One of those updates will release tomorrow, as the fanged beast Rajang will be added to the game. This is a free update that will be available for anyone that owns the base game and the Iceborne expansion. At New York Comic-Con, we had a chance to experience this endgame level monster ahead of time.

The demo was a 15 minute arena challenge, pitting four hunters against this powerful monster. Less than a dozen groups managed to best the beast during the event. The majority of challengers lost by fainting, and many ran out of time against Rajang. My group was made up of various hunters meeting for the first time. As a bow main, I stuck to my guns and prioritized DPS and aiming at certain points. My teammates could have picked a better composition of weapons, as we had two hunting horns and a hammer. Not ideal, but likely not impossible either.

We set up our armor and gear, using select options that were available for the demo. I made sure to collect multiple items from the inventory, including demon and hardshell powders to buff our team. We had a strategy, though it seems that strategy fell apart almost instantly. We intended to keep Rajang in a corner, but that ended up not happening. Our time had started, and I had a bow with power and paralysis coatings. I made sure I had plenty of useful items to help me out and a vitality mantle to negate certain attacks.

Rajang took no time in attacking us with full force. Shooting out large beams of electricity and using it’s powerful arms to attack, he was a formidable foe. His attack patterns were difficult to read, and he focused on certain hunters at various points. If a hunter was low on health, he would give them even more attention. Occasionally, he would enter his rage mode, which familiar hunters have dubbed as “Super Saiyan” due to his golden fur. It’s during these moments that attack focus should be on his tail, where my arrows mostly aimed.

During this rage mode, Rajang would grow more powerful and move much faster. If the rage continues, his arms will even develop armor, making them invulnerable to most attacks. This means the focus should remain on the tail and hind legs. This monster has a high amount of health, so it can take quite some time to calm him down. Unfortunately, we were only able to cart a limited number of times, and our teamwork left a lot to be desired. At one point, Rajang even managed to catch me, and I got pinned. A flash pod would’ve saved me, but unfortunately my teammates didn’t get one out in time. Learning my lesson, I kept my distance, but by then, all my other teammates had fallen, losing the challenge.

We had managed to break a horn, but even if we didn’t faint, we liekly would have lost due to time. Rajang has been a popular endgame monster since his first appearance in Monster Hunter 2. Appearing in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne seems like a great choice. He’s a true test of strength and skill that only the most seasoned hunters will be able to take on. It’ll be interesting to see what the monsters will be like after Rajang, especially with a new one coming in December. Luckily, hunters won’t have to wait much longer to fight Rajang. This monster drops into the New World tomorrow on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Are you ready?


  • […] Rajang was already a very difficult monster to defeat, so we can only imagine how powerful Furious Rajang is. Raging Brachydios looks to be very foreboding as well, with intimidating explosions and fiery punches. This adds to the already extensive ecosystem of monsters in the excellent Iceborne expansion. These two monsters will enter the world in the March update. The game still has more content on the way and is currently celebrating their second anniversary in-game. Are you excited for these monsters and the potential of their new weapons and armor? Let us know in the comments below! […]

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