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Review | NBA 2K20

As with most sports games from the past few years, there’s been a constant repetitiveness and complacency that’s befallen some of our favorite games. In that repetitiveness, NBA 2K, while typically playing it safe with game development every year, manages to be a favorite among the gaming community. Visual Concepts’ high profile basketball game always garners attention, and this year is no different. This is often thanks to its features like the “My Career” mode, “The Neighborhood”, and”My Team”. In NBA 2K20, it’s these same features that attempt to keep the game ahead of its rival, EA’s NBA Live.

My Career continues to give the series new stories with the player created character. This year, they even enlisted celebrities like Idris Elba and Rosario Dawson for the campaign. The Neighborhood returns from last year, allowing players to take their character online in an actively changing play space. New events spice things up and give the mode a bit more to work with than the previous year. Finally, My Team returns, allowing players to make their own fantasy team to compete with. As with previous years, the use of Virtual Currency is still encouraged in the game.

There’s also the return of MyGM and MyLeague for those that prefer to manage things off the court. MyGM 2.0 adds more story with new cutscenes and added realism to make it more entertaining. MyLeague gives players more customization options as a contrast to the MyGM mode. While MyGM has added focus, MyLeague seems to leave a bit to be desired. For those that would rather play the main game, this luckily might not become an issue.

For the most part, these modes succeed to keep the game ahead of the curve. They make the game the obvious choice when it comes to both options. However, when a game puts that much faith into its main game modes, it becomes very important that those game modes actually work. Upon the games Sept. 6th launch, many users experienced different issues with the game. Being kicked out of games, not earning XP for playing in games online, annoying new methods of obtaining unlockables, such as having to participate in matches against the computer, the list goes on.

It was these issues that prompted #FixNBA2K20 to start trending on Twitter. Since then, 2K has taken steps to fix the issues and return the game to normalcy.

At its core, NBA 2K20 continues its reign as one of the most realistic basketball simulations ever created. While 2K needs to do a better job of creating a more finished product at launch, to say the least, the game does always make sure the core concept of playing basketball is always at the forefront of what they do, and 2K20 is no different.

One more thing to applaud is the fact that for the first time in 2K’s history, they’ve now added the ability to play as WNBA teams. While this is something that NBA Live began two years ago, to see the rosters now on the superior 2K was heavily enjoyable. The problems that initially hit NBA 2K20 at launch were certainly something to be concerned about. Luckily, 2K’s strides to fix those issues immediately show why the game is always one of the best.

Overall, the enjoyable gameplay and reliably fun game modes are what make NBA 2K20 great. However, I still find myself waiting for 2K to create a new and exciting game mode in the future that will essentially make it the perfect game.

Final Score: 7 out of 10

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