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Nintendo Download 8/15/2019

This week on the Nintendo eShop, there are plenty of indie titles to check out. That being said, there are a few classic titles releasing here too. On top of that, we have duel monsters, mutant transformations and more to keep you busy. Keep in mind that more games may appear for purchase unannounced. Full pricing is shown, though be aware some titles are eligible for pre-purchase discounts. Here is your Nintendo Download for 8/15/2019.

Releasing 8/15/2019

  • Cryogear $19.89 A unique Metroidvania experience with pixel art graphics. Control the clone G.3.4.R as you discover new skills and uncover a mystery about the Emperor AI. There are over 50 areas to explore filled with obstacles, enemies and puzzles.
  • Rogue Singularity $14.99 This 3D platformer will have players run and jump through a dangerous galaxy. Build your robot hero and make them stand out as you reminisce about classic platformers. Each level will be different than the last as the difficulty increases with each step.
  • Vasara Collection $9.99 The acclaimed Japanese arcade shoot ’em ups are making their way worldwide in one convenient package. Play in a world of a Feudal Japan with advanced technology and use it to fight off evil forces. You can even grab some friends for 4-player co-op.
  • Beholder 2 $14.99 You play as an intern as a new part of the system in the Ministry. This adventure game will require cunning as you work your way up to earn the respect of the Wise Leader. Work your way up the corporate ladder to become the Prime Minister, by any means necessary.
  • Please Teach Me Onedari Shogi $7.99 It’s a game of Shogi against the Onedari Girls. Teach them strategy and let them have hints or do-overs to get to know them better. Do well, and you may even earn a special reward.
  • Ittle Dew $9.99 Join Ittle Dew and her sidekick Tippsie as they journey along a strange island. Working with a classic adventure formula, players will use only three items to work through this adventure. Will you find all the secrets that this game is hiding?
  • The Vanishing of Ethan Carter $19.99 This first-person story driven title has players explore to find a young boy named Ethan Carter. After receiving a letter, you discover the scene of a brutal murder and ignites the mysterious events of the game. With a focus on atmosphere, mood and essential humanity of the characters, this game will surely immerse you in this world.
  • Arcade Archives VS. Gradius $7.99 Konami’s classic shooter is ready for action. Take control of Vic Viper to fight Bacterion and save the planet Gradius. Claim high scores and compete with others around the world in this classic NES title.

Releasing 8/16/2019

  • Escape from the Universe $6.99 The year is 104 on the Galactic Calendar. Pilots journey through the far reaches of space to discover the meaning of life. Solve mysteries, fight enemies and help survivors in order to escape from this universe.
  • Gravity Duck $4.99 Play through 140 levels as a gravity controlling duck as you collect golden eggs. This pixelated platformer will have you dodging spikes, projectiles and traps as you traverse through tricky gravity puzzles.
  • Grandia HD Collection $39.99 Two classic RPGs go portable on the Nintendo Switch, allowing a new generation to experience these games. Embark on a classic quest in the retro looking Grandia. As another option, you can journey through the 3D world of Grandia II and protect a songstress through an epic story.

Releasing 8/17/2019

  • Anode $3.99 In this new falling-block puzzle game, players will match colors and blow up entire chains using detonators. Earn items, clear bins, and match angled couplers to create bigger chains. For an additional challenge, play mission mode with the randomly generated objectives.

Releasing 8/18/2019

  • FAR: Lone Sails $14.99 Create a unique vessel and journey across the land this sprawling wasteland. Go up against harsh weather conditions and many obstacles to make it as far as you can. Uncover the story and secrets of a civilization on the run as you find relics and tattered buildings.

Releasing 8/20/2019

  • Truck Racing Championship $39.99 It’s time for the European Truck Racing Championship, one of the most difficult competitions around. Control the temperature of your breaks so they don’t overheat and keep the weight of your truck in mind when cornering. Featuring 45 trucks, 20 teams and several drivers, race across 14 circuits in 5 single-player and 5 multiplayer modes.
  • In-vert $4.99 Get ready for this hardcore platformer with a pixelated visual style and puzzle elements. Play as a lone robot as he searches for his missing master. Switch between two dimensions across multiple levels to get past the obstacles to reach your friend.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution $39.99 Take on tons of opponents from the 20 year history of Yu-Gi-Oh! Build a deck from over 9,000 cards and work through the stories of each series. Even take on the new generation of duelists from Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS.
  • RAD $19.99 In this post-post-apocalyptic rogue-like, you play as a youth transfigured with various forms. Travel into the wasteland, fight off mutants, and deal with paths that will constantly change. Grab your baseball bat and survive your best in this 80’s aesthetic world. See what we had to say about it in our review.

And there you have it for the Nintendo Download for 8/15/2019. Will you journey through several retro inspired platformers, RPGs or arcade games? Maybe you’ll fancy a monster duel in Yu-Gi-Oh!? Or perhaps you’ll travel across the radioactive wasteland in a randomized journey with RAD. Whichever path you take, let us know in the comments below!


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