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Preview | Just Cause 4: Danger Rising DLC

A few weeks ago at SDCC 2019, GotGame was invited to get a sneak peek at the final DLC for Just Cause 4. Previously, there was the “Dare Devils of Destruction” pack, as well as the “Los Demonios” pack. Now, the game is about to get the “Danger Rising” pack. Previously known as the “Agency Strikes Back”, this DLC sees the return of the Agency from previous games. Now acting as the antagonist, Rico must face enemies that use the same grappling hook technology that he does. Luckily, he has new weapons and vehicles to combat them.

The “Danger Rising” pack adds quite a few new elements to the physics based action game. First of all, Rico gets a new traversal option with the Hoverboard. This board works off of momentum to gain speed, though you do get an initial burst of speed every time you take it out. It can move across water and land, but it also works on an entirely new system too: mag rails. The Danger Rising DLC adds mag rails to objectives, allowing Rico to use his hoverboard to traverse various routes. This also adds new gameplay elements where players have to complete mag rail challenge courses to finish objectives. While the mag rail movement is usually quick, players are able to slow down the action when they need to shoot.

Another notable addition is the Sequoia 370 Mag-Slug, or the Mag gun for short. This gun is a medium range shotgun type that has the ability to propel enemies and objects a notable distance. While players can use it against enemies, the biggest use for the weapon is completing destruction objectives. In my demo, one mission involved launching several large canisters into the ocean. With the Mag gun, it’s easy as pie, though the Agency tries to get in your way to make it difficult.

As mentioned before, the Agency returns in this DLC, lead by an agent known as Miller. For various reasons, they’re after Rico, and they send agents using grappling hooks to try and take him down. This makes for what is likely the hardest human enemies in a Just Cause game. That being said, they still go down pretty easily. The only main difference here is that they can grapple away to change their position quickly. Since they can use a grappling hook, they can ether onto walls and create a surprise attack situation. Rico could enter a corridor and find himself in an ambush as enemies will be grappled to the wall behind him. It creates a different atmosphere that may remind people of the Just Cause multiplayer on PC.

With the return of the Agency also means new vehicles, most notable is an Agency Hovercraft. This is technically from Just Cause 2, but it makes a welcome return in Danger Rising. Moving on both water and land, this vehicle plays a bit with traction, feeling a bit more slippery. While I didn’t get to experience them in the demo, the DLC also adds new attack drones. The main feature? Soldiers can ride on top of them. This likely means that Rico will be able to as well, which should add an interesting element. There’s also a gravity gun, the Stormalong Em Zero, which I didn’t get to experience either.

I only had a short time with the DLC, which was enough to do a couple objectives. Sent to attack an Agency ship out on the ocean, I took out a bunch of canisters using the Mag gun. Later, I rode the mag rails with the hoverboard up to a silo where I had to destroy an armored system. To expose the target, I had to ride the rails in circles to generate power bring it out in the open. The Mag gun makes the armor pretty easy to take care of, leaving the exposed circuits for destruction. The DLC offers plenty of new ways to destroy things, and fans of Just Cause will have a lot to be excited about.

Overall, Just Cause 4’s Danger Rising DLC will feel right at home in the grand scheme of things. New weapons, vehicles, and enemy types makes it feel fresh and unique, while offering plenty to do with it. The hoverboard is a lot of fun to ride, and it makes a perfect companion to the wingsuit and parachute. Luckily, fans won’t have too much longer to wait for the DLC. Owners of the Gold Edition of the game or the expansion pass will be able to play starting August 29th. If you purchase the content standalone, it will be released on September 5th. Are you excited for this new DLC? Let us known in the comments, and check out the trailer below.


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