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Nintendo Download 8/1/2019

July was a busy time for Nintendo, what with Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order and Fire Emblem: Three Houses releasing. Now that August has started, the big title from Nintendo this month is Astral Chain. That being said, that title won’t be released until August 30th. Until then, looks like we’ll have to make-do with a lot of Indie games. Here’s your Nintendo Download for 8/1/2019. Full pricing is shown, though be aware some titles are eligible for pre-purchase discounts.

Releasing 8/1/2019

  • Chroma Squad $14.99 This tactical RPG is inspired by Saban’s iconic Power Rangers. Five stunt actors that quit their jobs go on to try to make their own TV show. Players will hire actors, create props, weapons and Mechas, and make purchases to upgrade their studio. When everything is prepared, the battle will commence on camera.
  • Fobia $9.99 In this platformer, you’ll play as a little girl trying to overcome her fears. Facing many obstacles and puzzles, players will have to do everything they can to avoid death. Be ready for anything in this challenging hand drawn adventure.
  • Illusion of L’Phalcia $12.99 Search for the legendary Sword of Amal in this fantasy RPG. Play as Ryser as he travels the world with his friend Cougar, as they encounter both friends and rivals. Using runes, players can solve puzzles to learn magic and use it against foes in turn-based combat.
  • Robbie Swifthand and the Orb of Mysteries $17.99 Using psychology based level design, players must navigate this platformer with their wits and skill. Unique boss fights and groovy music await you in your perilous journey. Be careful, or you might just get hilariously eviscerated by the many traps in your path.
  • Solo: Islands of the Heart $19.99 This is a game about love and how everyone experiences it in different ways. Exploring the theme, players will likely identify and reflect on their own experiences. Travel across multiple islands to solve unique puzzles and earn Sleeping Totems that will answer questions about relationships.
  • Omega Labyrinth Life $59.99 In the latest addition of this Roguelike series, players will dungeon crawl with their favorite female characters. The game uses a unique “Omega Power” to strengthen characters in an interesting way. New to the series is the relaxation gameplay, including gardening, rebuilding the academy, and “a little fun on the side”.
  • Standby $4.99 – The world suffers from a glitch in this fast-paced platformer as players have to escape as fast as they can. Easy to learn, hard to master, this game will require precision and quick reactions to survive. With 54 levels, each with their own gameplay twist, platformer fans might want to check this one out.
  • Hamsterdam $9.99 Play as Pimm the hamster, using martial arts to take down the Vermin Gang. Use rhythm combos to beat your way through foes and take on tough bosses. You can even do it in style by dressing Pimm up in different apparel.
  • Shinobi Spirits S: Legend of Heroes $8.99 This ninja-action title pits you against the Tokugawa ninja clan. Use smoke bombs, nose dives, and crafted combos to take them down. Collect scrolls in each stage to gain more skills to expand your arsenal.
  • Dungeon Warfare $9.99 Defend your dungeon with traps and contraptions as a dungeon lord. This tower defense game pits you against greed-filled adventurers, allowing you to take them out with over two dozen traps.
  • Sudoku Relax 2 Summer Waves $5.00 Take a load off and relax to some soothing music in this popular numbers game. With over 300 puzzles across three difficulties, players can get some brain exercise and relax all at once.

Releasing 8/2/2019

  • Burger Chef Tycoon $4.99 Be a successful chef in this arcade-style restaurant simulator. Maintain everyone’s orders and prepare tasty dishes to deliver in a timely manner. Upgrade your bar and gain better quality ingredients to be the burger tycoon you were born to be.
  • The Church in the Darkness $19.99 Go to the South American jungle as ex-law enforcement officer Vic, sneaking into Freedom Town to breach a group of cultists. Use stealth or go in guns blazing to discover the plot within, and try to find your nephew Alex.
  • Swaps and Traps $8.99 In pursuit of his nemesis, Divider, Mike must gather cursed keys to try and stop him. Divider’s enchanted hat changes the position and direction of the screen, providing a challenge for Mike like no other. With over 100 levels, this title will surely test your platformer skills.
  • Saboteur II: Avenging Angel $8.00 A sequel to the 1985 ZX Spectrum title, this remastered port brings the original game and more. Experience the original story from the 1987 version while also going beyond with new levels and enemies. Featuring new music, story, several graphics options and special Easter eggs, this is a true retro revival.
  • Super Wiloo Demake $4.99 This platformer tasks protagonists Wiloo and Agatha on a quest to rescue their dog from Dr.ETvaldo. Journey through 50 levels and challenge five bosses to save your dog.

Releasing 8/6/2019

  • DC Universe Online FREE The popular MMO based on the DC comics characters is coming to Switch. Create your own hero, either by using a template or designing them from scratch. Choose from one of 15 powers and from several mentors and go out and be a hero with other players.

Releasing 8/7/2019

  • The Forbidden Arts $14.99 Explore five worlds in this action adventure platformer as Phoenix, a young boy seeking to master to element of fire. Conquer six boss fights, multiple enemies and experience a hand-painted art style through over 12 hours of gameplay.
  • Damsel $16.99 As Special Agent Damsel, you’ll speed through multiple missions in a fast-paced platformer. Rescue hostages, hack servers, disarm bombs and take out vampires in this challenging title.

And that’s it for your Nintendo Download. Any of these titles catch your eye? Let us know in the comments below. Check back next week to see the next batch of games.


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