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access_time August 1, 2019 at 1:16 AM in News by David Poole

E. Honda, Lucia and Poison Join Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition August 4th!

Originally planned to be revealed this weekend at EVO, unfortunately a leak revealed Capcom’s upcoming announcement. On Wednesday afternoon, a trailer on Steam leaked and revealed that the final Street Fighter II World Warrior, E. Honda, would be joining the roster of Street Fighter V. The trailer continued and revealed the Final Fight 3 fighter, Lucia, as well as Poison, also from Final Fight. While the trailer was removed, it seemed that the damage had already been done. Later in the day, Capcom officially released the trailer, which can be seen below.

It’s unknown if Capcom has any other announcements to make after this little snafu, but either way, it’s good to have new information on Street Fighter V again. It’s been eight months since Kage’s announcement in December, with no mention of a Season 4 character pass. Since then, fans have been waiting to hear if we would get more characters for the game. We even had our own predictions back before Kage’s annoucement, and it looks like we at least got one right. This is still very different than the traditional season of six characters, but it’s still a nice surprise.

On August 4th, fans will be able to purchase E. Honda, Lucia and Poison with both real money or Fight Money. Each character will have three to four costumes to purchase as well, including nostalgia outfits for all three, and Summer clothes for the ladies. E. Honda’s infamous bathhouse stage, Honda Sento, will also be available to purchase. On August 5th, there will be a Summer 2019 character bundle to purchase as well, though it will exclude the stage and some costumes.

Looking at the characters themselves, E. Honda seems to play how we would expect. Flying headbutts, command grabs, fast palm attacks and more create this Sumo wrestler’s repertoire of moves. Lucia, being brand new to Street Fighter, seems to play similarly to Kolin, though with a focus on fiery kicks. As a Police officer, she also uses a baton in some of her attacks and can finish her foes with a barrage of hot kicks. Finally, Poison returns to the fight with an all new design, ditching the riding crop in exchange for a whip. She also seems drastically different in her gameplay compared to Ultra Street Fighter IV, looking pretty fun to play.

What do you think? Are you excited for these three character additions? Was there someone you were hoping for instead? Let us know in the comments below!


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