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SDCC 2019 | Nintendo Announces Partnership with Candy Company Sugarfina

Luxury candy boutique Sugarfina has just recently announced a partnership with Nintendo. Using the classic Nintendo Entertainment System and the original Super Mario Bros., they’ve created a fantastic set of delicious treats.

Sugarfina has lovingly crafted collectible Candy Cubes and Candy Bento Boxes with a Super Mario Bros. motif. The Candy Bento Box, shaped like an NES, also plays music when opened up. Opening the box will display the end level sequence of Super Mario Bros. and will also be accompanied by the matching fanfare. Inside, you can store up to three Candy Cubes with your favorite characters. Another box, styled after the NES controller, will have two Candy Cubes. Finally, there’s the single Candy Cube box, styled after the iconic “?” block.

Of course, the aesthetic of the boxes are fantastic, but what about the candy? Sugarfina has created six different candies, including three new gummies just for the collaboration. Mario will have pineapple flavored invincible star gummies while Luigi comes with green apple flavored 1-up mushrooms. Toad will round out the gummies with cherry flavored super mushrooms.

Princess Peach has candy coated chocolate Princess Pearls, Bowser has milk chocolate marshmellow eggs, and finally, dark chocolate Goomba sea salt caramels. Each candy cube is decorated with iconic pixel art and makes for great collectible packaging. Having tried the candy myself at San Diego Comic Con, I can confirm that it’s just as delicious as it sounds!

“I spent many Saturday mornings playing Super Mario Bros. on my classic NES – which I still have! – so this collaboration brought back tons of fun memories from childhood,” says co-founder and co-CEO of Sugarfina, Rosie O’Neill. “We’ve always wanted to create a Candy Bento Box that plays music and this collab was the perfect opportunity to add a nostalgic touch with music from the iconic game.

The set will be available to loyalty members starting tomorrow, July 19th, becoming available to the public on July 22nd. The three-piece NES bento box will cost $30.00 with your choice of Candy Cubes. Next, the two-piece NES controller with your choice of Candy Cubes at $20.00. Finally, the “?” Block will cost $7.50 with whichever Candy Cube you choose. Keep your eyes peeled here when the treats become available to purchase. (UPDATE: They’re available now!)


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