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Review | Citizens of Space

If you were a fan of Citizens of Earth, rejoice! Rejoice because developer Eden Industries has created a sequel that improves on the original in almost every way. Citizens of Space uses the same formula as its predecessor with its RPG elements, turned based combat, recruitable party members, and humorous dialogue. On top of that, it has expanded out into space and upgraded in just about every aspect. Better yet, you don’t have to play the first game to play the second, due to its self-contained story.

The story in Citizens of Space puts the player as the newly appointed ambassador of Earth who has traveled to the Galactic Federation (essentially a space station) to introduce yourself to its other members. To your surprise, none of them have heard of Earth, and in trying to explain Earth’s benefits and whereabouts, it is revealed that Earth has gone missing! This starts your mission of finding Earth, exploring other moons and planets, and making allies along the way.


The humor is top notch. There’s a ton of laugh out loud moments that come from numerous sources throughout the game. The voice acting is also enjoyable, varied, and plentiful. Music doesn’t stand out too much in the game, but there are a couple of tunes that are really fun and catchy. The music when inside the shops comes to mind as particularly fun. The battle system is where this game really shines. Very reminiscent of the Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi games, proper timing is key during your attacks and blocking enemy attacks. There’s so much variety from each character in battle and the summonable characters, the battles don’t become tedious.


The text boxes look like something out of a video game from the 90’s. There were a few technical issues as well. The framerate dropped really low when walking through a field that was full of wheat. On several occasions, items and coins would be inaccessible when they popped up and went behind plants, rather than in front of them. Also, every time I opened the in-game menu, it sounded like my PS4 Pro was kicking into overdrive. The dungeons can be a little long and tiresome. Even using the feature to lower the random encounter rate, it only slightly helps the issue.

Final Verdict:

All in all, Citizens of Space does everything that a sequel would hope for. It improves on the graphics, battle system, pacing, technical issues (Citizens of Earth had many more), and several other areas, while being its own unique entity. It might noy do enough to hold the attention of the average gamer for an entire playthrough. That being said, RPG fans will likely enjoy what it brings to the table.

Final Score: 8 out of 10


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