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access_time June 16, 2019 at 3:00 PM in Previews by Daniel Ladiano

E3 2019 Preview | BurgerTime Party!

I admit that the original BurgerTime wasn’t exactly thriving in my generation of gaming. I have no nostalgic connections with the old arcade game, but I did think the premise of it was delightfully quirky. In an age where games strive for realistic graphics, one would wish that equally weird concepts would be popular nowadays as well. Thankfully, XSeed Games are bringing us a brand new installment to this classic franchise in BurgerTime Party!, a zany arcade adventure on the Nintendo Switch.

The premise of BurgerTime is rather simple. You are Peter Pepper. A young chef whose goal is to make gigantic burgers while avoiding the wrath of sentient food items. Each stage takes place on a single screen and the goal is to essentially walk on every part of the burger, be it the buns, lettuce, patties etc., until all of the pieces make it to the bottom.

While Peter is a nimble guy, he cannot jump. Instead he must climb ladders in order to ascend to higher ground. In addition, he cannot jump down from one floor to another which means players must strategize on how to maneuver in each map. Enemies are relentless and will often home in on our hero and are pretty agile themselves. Thankfully Peter has a limited supply of pepper that can stun enemies for a limited time. He can only use pepper a few times, but it replenishes after a while. Players can even get multiple points if they manage to drop an ingredient on an enemy, and trying to get the highest score will definitely become a new obsession of mine when the releases.

And thankfully, there are plenty of modes to expect from BurgerTime Party!. Solo Mode is the obligatory single player campaign in which players must complete a series of maps and scoring as many points as possible. The biggest draw (and probably the justification for the namesake of “Party”) are the new multiplayer modes. The game allows 4-Player local Co-Op as each player controls a different Peter Pepper. While it may seem lopsided in terms of difficulty, players do share lives, so it’s best to not go willy-nilly and risk an easy game over. Moreover there is a competitive mode where players can actually assume the roles of the Food Foes. In that mode in particular, powerups manifest on the stage that increase several attributes such as speed, and the goal for the Peter Pepper player is to survive before the time runs out.

The game definitely has a distinct style to it. The menus are clean and the art itself evokes older cartoons of the 1920s. The game runs smoothly at 60 frames per second even if the action of screen gets hectic.

As someone who enjoys getting gold medals in games by performing expertly, there is no denying that BurgerTime Party! is great for someone like myself. With the colorful art style and zany premise, it’s the solid mechanics behind the gameplay that kept me going and not wanting to put down the controller. Getting three more friends into the mix into some multiplayer action seem like a blast, especially since the game is easy to pick up and understand instantly. The game is slated for release later this fall, and this is one game you shouldn’t sleep on. Make sure to get this dish when it leaves the kitchen!


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