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access_time June 12, 2019 at 3:00 AM in Previews by Daniel Ladiano

E3 2019 Preview | Luigi’s Mansion 3

Luigi is receiving the protagonist treatment once more as he stars in his titular adventure: Luigi’s Mansion 3. Luigi must explore a haunted hotel in order to save his friends, including his own brother, Mario. Nintendo has offered E3 attendees a glimpse of what’s to come in this spooky adventure, and the results are as delightfully ghoulish as to be expected.

Our frightened plumber is once again tasked to roam around and use the “Poltergust” to suck ghosts into its container. He has a few new moves showcased in the demo, such as the ability to slam ghosts multiple times. Luigi can also use a plunger that can stick to enemies, and thus can be sucked by the Poltergust to remove enemy shields. Combat feels familiar to how the last couple of games in the series played. The exploration however, got a much needed overhaul.

The biggest and perhaps best new mechanic is the use of “Gooigi”. Gooigi is a gooey doppelgänger of Luigi that is able to be controlled remotely. It can reach places that Luigi can’t, such as between tight bars. By clicking once on the right analog stick, Luigi deploys Gooigi. Clicking the stick twice more returns it safely to its slimy container. If the player presses the analog stick once instead of twice, control will return to Luigi while Gooigi is performing an action necessary to progress, such as moving a lever. While it wasn’t present in the demo, Gooigi’s capabilities can also be utilized by a second player in Co-Op mode. While it may seem overwhelming to control both characters at once, the puzzles are designed around the mechanic in order to make it as interwoven to the gameplay without any blemishes.

The demo features a boss battle against an elderly ghost donning an armor set. The goal was to remove the armor pieces by using the suction cups to pry it off the sinister specter. My only gripe was that the aiming felt imprecise when trying to suck up the plunger. I’m sure this will be fixed in the final release, so I’m not worried.

Based on the short time I spent with Luigi’s Mansion 3, it’s shaping up to be a worthy sequel. While the combat is entertaining, it adds some neat little touches. Gooigi really sets it apart and adds more to not just its gameplay, but the zany atmosphere as a whole. Luigi’s Mansion 3 is due to be released exclusively for Nintendo Switch later this year. We’ll have more info on it as it comes up!


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