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E3 2019 | Watch Dogs Legion Gets Gameplay Reveal at Ubisoft Conference

After various leaks and information appearing online, Ubisoft has finally shown the world the next iteration of the Watch Dogs series. Watch Dogs Legion takes a far departure from the previous entries like Watch Dogs 2. Taking a more futuristic approach, Watch Dogs Legion takes place in a post-Brexit London. While there are familiar names like DedSec and gameplay mechanics like use of drones and hacking, Legion takes a more ambitious stand. Players will be able to recruit any NPC into DedSec, which fundamentally changes cutscenes and interactions.

During the gameplay reveal, we watched a character named Ian as he searched for a drone expert. As he found one resisting arrest, Ian goes in and executes new hand-to-hand combat mechanics, only for his opposition to grow. As he gets taken down, he’s given an option to surrender or resist, resisting giving him a second wind to escape. While this escape doesn’t end well for Ian, it introduces the concept of permadeath to Watch Dogs. A DedSec operative named Bagley notes the loss, and then offers a selection of other NPCs to play as, so of course they choose the elderly lady Helen.

That’s the idea of Watch Dogs Legion, and as players experience it, they’ll find that no playthrough will be the same. Each NPC has a life, their own dialogue, and their own skill set. In a lot of ways, I can see some influence from ZombiU, as that also had permadeath and an endless supply of playable characters. For those interested in checking it out, we have the gameplay video below for your viewing pleasure. Watch Dogs Legion will release on March 6th, 2020 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Google Stadia and PC.


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