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E3 2019 | GotGame Predictions for Third Party Publishers

Continuing with our E3 2019 predictions after Microsoft and Nintendo, we finally get to the third party publisher presentations. Just a friendly reminder that Sony will not be participating at E3 this year, meaning no Sony predictions this year. That being said, these remaining predictions will cover the press conferences for Square-Enix, Ubisoft, EA, and Bethesda. We also decided to predict other publisher announcements for those without press conferences. While there are some definite sure-things, we’re expecting some surprises this year as well. Here are GotGame’s third party predictions.

1. The Avengers Project Returns

We mentioned this one last year, but now we’re almost certain something will be announced this year. With Marvel dominating the box office with Avengers: Endgame, we’re basically at a “now or never” for Avengers hype. Square-Enix announced The Avengers Project back in 2017, and it’s been radio silence since then. At least that’s what it seemed like. Crystal Dynamics was doing a lot of hiring behind the scenes, probably most notable being the hiring of Andy Wong as Social Media and Community Manager in February.

A Community Manager being hired may not directly effect development, but it is part of a bigger picture. It means the development team is getting ready to be vocal with the fans, the consumers that are interested in the game. E3 2019 seems like the perfect opportunity to bring The Avengers Project back into the spotlight. Information on the game has been scarce, but we have a feeling that will change during Square-Enix’s presentation.

2. Kingdom Hearts comes to Nintendo Switch

Granted, this could be shown during Nintendo’s Direct, this is something we see happening real soon. The Kingdom Hearts franchise is no stranger to Nintendo platforms, and with Kingdom Hearts III being the best selling game of the year, it would make sense to release more options. Tetsuya Nomura did say that Kingdom Hearts III on Switch was possible, but only after focusing on the other versions. While this prediction could be about Kingdom Hearts III, it’s actually about Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far.

Kingdom Hearts has been on several portable platforms, but the main games have never had that luxury. Releasing the first nine titles on the Nintendo Switch may be a big undertaking, but it would definitely be successful. While it might not bring Kingdom Hearts III to Switch any faster, it will at least bring the franchise to the platform. This would also be a good opportunity to release The Story So Far on the Xbox One as well.

3. Starfield Details Announced

Bethesda was quick to announce titles last year without showing more than a thematic logo. Of the two, The Elder Scrolls VI was one of them. The other was a new IP titled Starfield. Information is minimal, but we do know it is a space themed RPG title. Bethesda is going to be very ambitious with this one, and the possibilities are endless.

Some theories suggest that Starfield may be a next-gen game, but we won’t know for sure. Bethesda will likely try to surprise us with the title, motivated to show us something new. The publisher has the resources, and they definitely have the talent to wow us. We’re looking forward to seeing what information, if any, comes out of their press conference.

4. Fallout 76 Fix

When Bethesda announced Fallout 76 last year, fans were a bit skeptical. Unfortunately, it seemed the skeptics had a point, as Fallout 76 was not well received. Bethesda isn’t exactly the type to throw in the towel when they make a mistake. Todd Howard was clearly excited about this project and while cutting their losses would be an option, Bethesda will likely find a way to make the game better.

Final Fantasy XIV went through a situation like this. When the MMORPG originally released, it didn’t do very well. Fans didn’t like how it played and it was sort of just bland. Returning as A Realm Reborn saved the game. Fallout 76 could easily have a moment just like this to save the game.

5. Fight Night Bounces Back

This is more of a wish than a prediction. EA hasn’t made a Fight Night game since 2011 with Fight Night Champion. Since then, they’ve released three UFC titles, and while MMA style fighting adds more variety, it’s just not as impactful. This generation has been severely lacking in boxing games. Aside from Creed: Rise to Glory and technically Arms, EA is missing a big opportunity here.

With the current generation of hardware, a Fight Night game could look absolutely amazing. They were already great looking games to begin with, but they could advance so much further. As mentioned before, UFC might offer more variety, but boxing games have always been more engaging. It’s a pipe dream, but it would be fantastic if EA revived Fight Night.

6. Splinter Cell Tease

Tom Clancy games often have different fans. Whether it’s the RPG shooting of The Division 2 or the squad-based action of Rainbow Six Siege, there’s a little something for everyone. With that in mind, there’s one Tom Clancy franchise that has been long overdue for a sequel. We’ve been expecting it for quite some time, but we think Sam Fisher is ready to get back in the game. We’re due for a new Splinter Cell.

While a new Splinter Cell reveal has been rumored, we can’t say it’s a 100% guarantee. Ubisoft’s own Julian Gerighty released a joking tweet that suggested he was working on a new Splinter Cell. He also mentioned a lot of other Ubisoft franchises (no Prince of Persia sadly), so the tweet should be taken with a grain of salt. Even if this tweet doesn’t confirm anything, Ubisoft may still tease us and say that there’s a game in development. Hopefully we see what happens during Ubisoft’s press conference on June 10th.

7. Watch Dogs 3 Emerges

It’s been almost three years since Watch Dogs 2, and speculation is pointing to a third entry coming soon. Thanks to a tease during the updated ending to Watch Dogs 2, a London setting is expected as well. Rumors have been floating around for quite some time about Watch Dogs 3. Not only a London setting, but even the ability to choose between a male or female protagonist. This would line up with games like Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, which is a series that shares a universe with Watch Dogs.

The Watch Dogs series had a bumpy start, promising a bit more than it could fulfill on its first attempt. When it came to the sequel, it gained traction and practically improved on the original game in almost every way. A more likeable protagonist, a better setting to play with, and more variety in the gameplay made Watch Dogs 2 an underrated gem. Hopefully they can maintain the momentum with a sequel and find new ways to make hacking the world fun.

8. New Naruto/Boruto Game

While Bandai Namco doesn’t hold a press conference for E3, they still announce games. Sometimes these announcements happen before the show, or sometimes they get announced during Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft’s presentation. Regardless of how it’s announced, Bandai Namco is well known for publishing anime titles. The Dragon Ball series has been getting a lot of attention lately. Not only are we getting a new Dragon Ball RPG with Project Z, but we’re still getting DLC for Dragon Ball FighterZ, Xenoverse 2, and even Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission. What does this mean for the Naruto series though?

The last title released in the Naruto series was Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker. Combining elements of the Dragon Ball Xenoverse series and team-based multiplayer, it really changed things up. With that in mind, we may be due for a new Naruto title, or possibly even a Boruto game. We’re used to fighting games in the franchise, but perhaps Bandai Namco would take a different approach with a new game. With CyberConnect2 working on Project Z, it would mean a different developer would likely be up to the task.

9. First Reveal of Ace Attorney 7

Capcom has made it quite clear that a new Ace Attorney game is coming. While the Ace Attorney Trilogy recently released, the developer has likely been hard at work on the next entry. It’s been suggested that it would be a Nintendo Switch title, though since the trilogy released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, it could easily be a multiplatform title. Apollo Justice and the later Ace Attorney entries have only appeared on portable platforms, so Switch made sense.

It’s been mentioned that Monster Hunter World: Iceborne would be the only major Capcom release this year. While that might be the case, it doesn’t mean Capcom can’t announce new games. Ace Attorney might not be a AAA game by any means, but it has a pretty solid following. It wouldn’t be as groundbreaking as when Devil May Cry 5 was announced, but it would still be welcome.

And that’s it for our third party predictions for E3 2019. We’re just a few weeks away from the conference, so we’ll know what comes to fruition soon enough. We think a lot of these have a good chance to come true, but we also want to know what you think. Let us know in the comments what you expect to see during the show.


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