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Details from the Super Mario Maker 2 Direct

Nintendo has released information about the highly anticipated sequel, Super Mario Maker 2. Originally revealed three months ago during the February Nintendo Direct, Super Mario Maker 2 adds long awaited features that fans have been clamoring for in addition for in the original. Before the presentation, the main new addition touted was slopes, and now it has confirmed we can adjust their verticality as well. Auto-scrolling is back as well, with the ability to customize the speed and patterns. These are just some of the amazing tools available, as there are plenty more. Tools like the On/Off Switch, moving tiles and even snake bricks will make their debut in Super Mario Maker 2.

Other new surprising features were revealed today as well. Each of the pre-existing visual styles (Super Mario Bros 1, 3, World and U) will have new themes. While some are classic throwbacks like Underwater, others are brand new. Snow, Sky, Desert, and Forest will be available for builders to use in their stages. You’ll even be able to make Desert themed Super Mario Bros. levels. Some of those themes will also feature brand new music tracks courtesy of longtime Nintendo composer Koji Kondo. Online courses will also be much easier to find thanks to useful tags. Players can even create courses with a second player in a new co-op mode.

In addition, a whole new style based on Super Mario 3D World is introduced. This will give players the capability to create levels, using assets from a game that was exclusively played in the third dimension. Mario and company can wear the cat suit to not just scale walls on the X-Axis, but also on the background as well. In addition there are many obstacles straight from the Super Mario 3D World. Obstacles like clear pipes that enemies can also use, disappearing blocks and much more. New items like the Koopa Troopa Car also add some unique features to stages.

The game will also feature a single-player story mode. Players will have to use coins obtained throughout over 100 developer designed levels to reconstruct Peach’s Castle. There will be many NPCs who would give players tasks to win said coins, but also understand how the mechanics of the game works. They’ll even offer additional tasks for players to tackle.

Another big feature is the inclusion of multiplayer. Players can participate in either competitive or cooperative objectives. Competitive games involve beating a level first before all the rest of the competitors whereas cooperative will require assistance defeating intimidating enemies. This is also a notable feature as it’s the first Super Mario game with online multiplayer. To celebrate, Nintendo is making a digital and physical bundle of Super Mario Maker 2 and Nintendo Switch Online for $69.99. Feel free to watch the full Nintendo Direct below.

There are a slew of new features in Super Mario Maker 2, but there are also some unanswered questions. Will the game support amiibo like its predecessor? We’ll find when the game finally comes out on June 28th, 2019. Feel free to let us know what you’re looking forward to the most in the comments below.


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