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Joker and Version 3.0 Update Arrives in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on 4/17!

In a big surprise, Nintendo finally revealed details on their upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate update. Joker, the protagonist from Persona 5, as well as a bevy of content, release tomorrow on April 17th. Fans have been waiting for this ever since the character was announced at the Game Awards last December.

Joker arrives in style, both sporting his Phantom Thieves outfit as well as his Shujin Academy uniform. He wields both a knife and gun, his weapons from Persona 5, and also uses magic skills. His up special is a grappling hook that can be used to latch onto ledges, or even hook opponents and pull them closer. Joker also has a special Rebellion Gauge, building up slowly over time or when taking damage. Using his down special, Rebel’s Guard, he can build this gauge faster to summon Arsene, his main Persona, to the battle. Arsene will power up and completely change Joker’s special attacks until the gauge dissipates.

When Joker breaks a Smash Ball, he’ll be able to utilize his “All-Out Attack” Final Smash. Interestingly enough, Joker has two chances to hit with his Final Smash, as players can tilt the analog stick in the opposite direction to turn Joker around. Striking with this attack will bring out an assortment of Phantom Thieves as they strike down foes for a devastating and stylish attack. Fans of Persona 5 will definitely recognize the visuals, as they portray an accurate representation of the attack from the game. Joker’s victory screen will also be reminiscent of the victory screens from Persona 5.

Along with Joker will also be a new stage, Mementos. The stage will feature cameos from other Phantom Thieves, as well as the Morgana car. Depending on the music track used on the stage, the color theme will change. For Persona 5 tracks, it will be red, Persona 4 will be yellow, and Persona 3 will be blue. This also holds true when Joker wins on the Mementos stage. Joker will also come with 11 tracks from the Persona series, with three brand new arrangements. A special spirit board will also open up for purchasers of the character, featuring key characters from Persona 5.

Other new paid content includes new Mii costumes. For $0.75 each, players can obtain hats based on Morgana from Persona 5 and Teddie from Persona 4. There’s also Mii costumes for the Mii Swordfighter, representing the protagonists from Persona 3 and Persona 4. Sega also contributed returning Sonic the Hedgehog costumes with the Tails Mii Gunner and Knuckles Mii Brawler costume, returning from the previous Super Smash Bros. game.

While there is a lot of new paid content, the game is also getting a free major update with Version 3.0. As many have noticed in a recent Nintendo Switch ad, the Stage Builder is returning. Players can customize their stages with even more detail than ever before. Not only can players use the touch screen to draw terrain in handheld mode, but they can also now utilize layers. This gives stages a level of aesthetic depth that we’ve never had before. On top of that, players can now add rotations and movement to created terrain, allowing their stages to come to life. Stages can be shared with players around the world and even be rated by other players.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has lacked a video share feature since day one, but that’s about to change. A brand new video editor mode is being added. Now players can take saved clips in the game and splice them together in a timeline to unleash their creativity. They can add subtitles, background music, and even scene transitions with this easy to use tool. When they’re done, they can upload their video creations to Smash World.

Smash World is a brand new addition to the Nintendo Online smartphone app. Similar to the Splatoon 2 SplatNet 2, Smash World gives players access to a variety of new features. Most notably, players can use the app to watch videos shared by other players and even see stages built by other players. Using the app, you can even put them in a download queue for the game. Players can use the app to view new update notifications, and even build spirit teams using their collection.

“As the fastest-selling Nintendo Switch game of all time and the fastest-selling game ever released in the Super Smash Bros. series, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate continues to deliver a seismic collision of the biggest cast of iconic video game characters ever assembled in one game,” says Nintendo of America Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Nick Chavez. “Through both free content updates and paid DLC, like Joker from Persona 5, we’re able to keep making the game bigger and better with new experiences for Super Smash Bros. players to enjoy for a long time to come.”

What do you think? This seems to be a fantastic way to start the Fighters Pass DLC. All this content, including Joker releases tomorrow, and it’ll surely keep players smashing till the next character drops. Let us know in the comments below if you’re excited about Joker, or if you’re speculating who the next character is. The Fighters Pass is available for $24.99 on the Nintendo eShop and can be purchased here. Joker and his included content can be purchased separately for $5.99.


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