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E3 2018 | GotGame Predictions for Third Party Publishers

After covering Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, we finally give our predictions for the third party publishers. This year, there are a lot of big names to hear from. Square-Enix hasn’t had an E3 press conference for a few years now, but they’ve returned with a digital presentation (similar to Nintendo). Bethesda took a slight hit by having Walmart leak their Rage 2 reveal, but they’ll likely still have some surprises in store. EA has already laid out a good portion of their reveals, but they still have a couple announcements left. Ubisoft may have also been affected by the Walmart leak, but that’s not likely to stop them. Without further ado, here are our predictions for these third party giants.

1. Final Fantasy World Reveal for Kingdom Hearts III

We’re anxiously awaiting to hear Square-Enix announce the release date for Kingdom Hearts III. We can definitely expect that to be revealed, but Square-Enix will likely show more. News of the Kingdom Hearts Premiere event releases today, so we’ll likely get more information on the game. Even so, there are likely still worlds to reveal for this game. We already know about the Toy Story, Monsters Inc., and even the Big Hero 6 worlds, but what else can we expect?

Considering this series is a crossover, it wouldn’t be unusual if they decided to do a Final Fantasy themed world. We already had Traverse Town act as the home to characters from The World Ends With You. If a Final Fantasy themed world were to be revealed, there would be a number of options. Grymoire, the land in World of Final Fantasy would be a valid option, especially given Sora made a guest appearance in the game. It could also be the realm from Dissidia: Final Fantasy, or even a generic Ivalice from various games in the franchise. Either way, it would make sense for this series to have more Final Fantasy flavor considering it was recently the 30th anniversary.

2. The Avengers Gameplay Reveal

It’s been well over a year since Square-Enix mentioned their Avengers video game. Developed by Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal, it was a very promising project based on the talent behind it. The only problem is we never saw any gameplay, nor did we have any details on what the game actually was. Marvel has been doing very well this year, what with The Avengers Infinity War dominating the box office, as well as Marvel’s Spider-Man releasing later this year.

It seems like now is a better time than ever to build hype up for The Avengers. With Shadow of the Tomb Raider releasing in September, it makes sense that we would see what comes next. Considering that this game isn’t based on the movie storyline, it can do a lot of things that the movies don’t do. It might even include characters we haven’t seen in the Marvel cinematic universe. Hopefully E3 2018 will shed light on this mystery.

3. The Elder Scrolls VI Reveal

Bethesda has already said The Elder Scrolls VI is in development. It’s an inevitability. The only questions on everyone’s mind is what will it look like and when will we get it. Considering that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim enjoyed a great success, even on current generation platforms, it wouldn’t be unusual for Bethesda to take the time to finally reveal the sixth installment of the series.

With the current hardware of today’s consoles, the game could easily look vastly improved over Skyrim. The question now would be if the game would make the jump to the Nintendo Switch. Considering how popular The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was for the Switch, it would be hard to ignore. Obviously, it would have to be a downgrade in visuals, but perhaps Iron Galaxy Studios is up to the task. Either way, we can definitely expect to see an update for The Elder Scrolls VI at E3 this year.

4. BattleCry Resurrected

At E3 2015, Bethesda showed off a free-to-play arena style game with BattleCry. Since then, BattleCry has had a hard time. It went through a public beta and then the staff of the studio had substantial lay-offs. Production on BattleCry halted and we never saw much on the game again. The most recent development was the change in the name of the studio, from BattleCry Studios to Bethesda Games Studio Austin.

Some might think this is a nail in the coffin for BattleCry. For Bethesda, this may easily just be a project for them to return to after some time. Prey is a good example, as it was picked up again after rocky development. It’s perhaps the most unlikely game to show up, but Bethesda likely won’t want this game to die just yet. It hasn’t been officially canceled, so it can always resurface.

5. New Bioware Star Wars Game

EA has held the license for Star Wars games for a few years now. During their time with the license, they closed Visceral Games, the Dead Space developers. It’s no secret that they were working on a Star Wars game. DICE had released two Star Wars Battlefront titles and after the second one, EA has a lot to make up for. It was suggested that Bioware was working on a Star Wars title shortly after it was revealed that EA acquired the license.

Seems like E3 2018 may be the right time to show this game. It wouldn’t be a good idea for EA to let the Star Wars hype die down. With Solo: A Star Wars Story releasing next week, consistency is key. The only thing now is to wonder which team at Bioware would be working on this game. With the main team working on Anthem, it may fall upon the team that worked on Mass Effect: Andromeda. Hopefully they put the right team behind it to give it the quality assurance this license deserves.

6. More EA Originals

With the success of A Way Out, selling over a million copies within only two weeks, EA would definitely want to remain on the EA Originals hype train. EA might want to increase production and reach out to more indie developers for this special project. EA Originals have inspired creativity and wonder, something the staple EA titles have lacked for a bit.

It paints the company in a better light and it only benefits them to have a larger stable of games. EA may have made some enemies with the microtransaction situation last year, but they can turn it around. If games like A Way Out or Fe are any indication, it’s that EA Originals is a great concept for the company. Here’s to seeing what they announce this year at EA Play.

7. New Splinter Cell Reveal

The Walmart leak listed a Splinter Cell game, but it’s possible it was just an educated guess. With the recent content update to Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands, there was a special guest. Sam Fisher made an appearance in the game, voiced by series regular Michael Ironside. This crossover event suggested that there was more at play than just a small crossover event.

It’s been five years since we’ve seen a new Splinter Cell game. It feels like it would be the right time to reveal a new game. Michael Ironside clearly doesn’t mind returning to the role. It’s also worth mentioning that with Konami’s fallout with Hideo Kojima, there is a hole to fill for stealth action games. Maybe we’ll see Sam make an appearance during Ubisoft’s press conference this year.

8. Zombi 2

Yet another left field prediction, this is one that would be a big surprise. Ubisoft decided to revive their Zombi franchise with the launch of the Wii U. ZombiU was a great concept and helped to show what the gamepad could do when Wii U first launched. Despite this, the game ended up in bargain bins and Ubisoft decided to port the game to make up their losses. With the ports to Xbox One and PlayStation 4, it’s possible that Ubisoft might keep the series in mind for a new game.

If they make a new game from the ground up, they could truly take advantage of the current gen hardware. They could also change things up a bit, given the original game’s concept heavily involving the gamepad. Perhaps they might make it a game closer to something like Left 4 Dead? Or maybe they’d make a deeper campaign. The possibilities are endless considering all the untapped potential. If Zombi 2 was announced, Ubisoft could easily make a game to fulfill the urges to fight off the hordes of the undead.

That’s it for our E3 predictions this year. Think there’s something that should be mentioned? Feel free to shout out in the comments. E3 is just under a month away, and we’ll definitely be there with news and updates. Stay tuned to GotGame for more on the upcoming games from the show.


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