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God Eater 3 Confirmed for PlayStation 4 and PC

During a live stream, Bandai Namco announced the platforms for God Eater 3. The next installment for the God Eater series is coming to PlayStation 4 and to PC with Steam. In light of the announcement, they released a new trailer to show off some new features in the game. Take a look below.

The regions of the world have become known as Ashlands, areas that are practically uninhabitable. This forces humanity to survive in underground shelters known as ports. The Ashlands are home to new “Ash Aragami”, such as Ra and Anubis, who pose a large threat to humanity. The new God Eaters for the game are more adaptive than those in past games. The protagonist and his partner Hugo Pennywort are much stronger and deadlier in combat. Their close brotherly bond makes them perfect for challenging the Aragami threat.

These new God Eaters introduce new God Arcs, weapons used to take down these new Aragami. The Biting Edge God Arc is a dual bladed weapon with a focus on quick slashes and stabs. The Ray Gun on the other hand, can provide a powerful ranged attack with the right timing. The new Engage System and Acceleration Trigger add a bit to the combat as well. The Engage System is activated when the player sticks close to their partner, allowing for powerful team strikes against Aragami. The Acceleration Trigger is a passive skill that activates when performing certain actions like a perfect guard.

Check out some of the new God Eater 3 screenshots below.


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