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Review | Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 (PC)

We’ve had a chance to check out Car Mechanic Simulator 2018, which is a new real-life simulator experience that has been developed by RedDot Games. Will players be able to enjoy the title, or will it fail to grab even the most hardcore simulation fans?


Honestly, as one may expect, there is quite a minimal story within the game. Instead the title focuses on the struggles of running a car repair/renovation shop. It does begin with an opening showing a mechanic purchasing a rare, rusted, car in need of repairs and proceeding to renovate it, but that’s about it.


As you begin the game, you’ll go through a tutorial that introduces you to everything, as well as showing you what specific parts and machines do, as well as how to utilize them. That said, the title does feel like it still requires some optimization, as there are still quite a few bugs present. The Mazda downloadable content addressed many of the bugs and did make it quite a bit smoother, but there are still noticeable glitches and freezes, although the team has assured that they will continue to release optimization patches.

The title also pays quite a lot of attention to detail, granting you the chance to paint, tune, repair, and otherwise improve cars as you attempt to sell it for a profit. It does tend to lack freedom that helps make simulation games great, but you do still feel a bit of pride in successfully fixing a car.

Graphics and Audio

The game looks quite nice, with photorealistic graphics for the cars, tools, and parts. This can, especially with the V-Sync (which is on by default, but you can disable via the options), cause quite a bit of lag on some PCs, however, so be sure that you have a decent video card before attempting to pick it up.


Final thoughts

Though it fails to truly impress, there is quite a bit of potential within the game and, with the promised updates, it can become quite a fun title for the simulation fan. You may wish to hold off until more of the issues are addressed before you pick it up, but if you want a feel of how it would be to run a car repair shop, Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 does deliver.

Final Score: 3.5/5


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