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Wonder Game provides sneak peek at Raze: Dungeon Arena’s rune and weapon crafting systems

by on August 7, 2017

Wonder Games has decided to share details regarding the weapon and run crafting systems that players can utilize within Raze: Dungeon Arena, which is slated to arrive in early Autumn for North America and Europe.

First up is the rune system. You can visit the Rune Master in Enclave, utilizing the various items you have collected from battles, dungeons, and stores to unlock new skills for your heroes. You can also choose to develop one specific skill to help you better defeat your enemies. The upgrade system will require materials that you can locate via progressing through the game’s single player dungeons.

You also have the ability to visit the Blacksmith, allowing you to utilize the items found in dungeons and player-versus-player contests to craft and enhance your equipment to more advanced levels. You can choose the category you wish to enhance, such as damage and resistance, boosting your equipment based on your specific needs and battle style.

Are you eager to dive into the Dungeon Arena?

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