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Watch us stream Earthfall today, a Left 4 Dead-style FPS

Valve doesn’t seem to like the number “3.” Whether it’s Half-Life, DOTA, or Left 4 Dead, Valve seems perfectly happy leaving us hanging for years. That doesn’t mean other developers aren’t trying to scratch those itches, though. Holospark, a developer based out of Bellvue, Washington, is working on an FPS that brings Left 4 Dead to the Pacific Northwest. Today, GotGame Senior Editor Josh Boykin will take on the alien hordes alongside Holospark developers in Earthfall. You can watch the mayhem and journey live on Twitch at 1p PDT.

Watch live video from Wallstormer on www.twitch.tv

In Earthfall, the enemies aren’t zombie hordes, they’re invading aliens from outer space. Earth’s defenses succumbed to the extra-terrestrials, and now a small team is fighting back. Earthfall is still in Early Access, but offers one complete campaign right now to play through. Like Left 4 Dead, up to four players team up and rush their way through a level. Each level has to complete while keeping each other safe from the enemies. Waves of grunts assault the team en masse, but specials make life harder, too. There’s the Thrasher, which pounces on a teammate and pins them until they’re freed. There’s also the Beast, a hulking tank that breathes fire and mows down everything in its path. It’s challenging and intense, and scratches that team-based co-op shooter itch.

Watch us reclaim a fallen Earth

We’ll be streaming the game live alongside some of the Earthfall devs today starting at 1p PDT. You can hop on over to www.twitch.tv/wallstormer. to watch the stream on Twitch, or you can check it out right here on GotGame. If you have any questions or comments for Josh or the team, you can ask them in the chat and we’ll try to take them on while battling the aliens.

Earthfall is currently available on Steam Early Access for $14.99 US, with plans to release on PS4 and XB1 later. You can learn more about the game on Steam or at the Earthfall website.



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