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Review | Earthbound Psychokinetic Album (Music)

We were recently asked to check out and review the recent Psychokinetic album, an album that spans songs and themes from the Mother, or, as most in the West likely know, Earthbound, series. How will the tracks stand up?

The songs were put together by Bad Dudes, and span Mother, Mother 2, known as Earthbound, and Mother 3. The very first song on the track sets the mood, and, as you listen to the others, you can easily recognize the theme songs from the beloved franchise.

The OST is quite nice, with the remix not straying too far away from the original sounds that made the Earthbound music so iconic. As such, fans of the series who loved the music should still love it even in the remixed form. Here’s a rundown of the tracks, with those featuring an asterisk being limited to the physical edition:

Psychokinetic Part 1

  1. Pollyanna Bounce (I Believe In You) [EarthBound]
  2. Twoson Hometown Show (Theme of Twoson) [EarthBound]
  3. Jon Bon Voyage, Amigo (Bon Voyage, Amigo) [MOTHER 3]
  4. Find Your Happy Place (Memory of Tazmily) [MOTHER 3]
  5. Door to Door Happiness (Monkey’s Delivery Service) [MOTHER 3]
  6. wE FeEL GRoOVE! (Saturn Valley) [EarthBound]*
  7. Show Me What You Got (Save the Miners!) [EarthBound]
  8. Checkout is at Eleven (Enjoy Your Stay) [EarthBound]
  9. Funny Dawg (Humoresque of a Little Dog) [EarthBound]
  10. Home Again Again (Pollyanna) [EarthBound]
  11. Reminiscing No. 1 (Onett) [EarthBound]
  12. Geognosis (Wisdom of the World) [MOTHER]

Psychokinetic Part 2

  1. Paula (Paula’s Theme) [EarthBound]
  2. DRGN (Fight with Mecha Drago) [MOTHER 3]
  3. Bag of Pork Chips (His Highness’ Theme) [MOTHER 3]*
  4. mom’s cookies (We Miss You – Theme of Love) [MOTHER 3]
  5. Steppin’ in the Rain (Gentle Rain) [MOTHER 3]
  6. This August Will Be Different (Summers) [EarthBound]
  7. Thank You For Remembering Me (Snowman) [EarthBound]
  8. Magicant Gamelan (Magicant) [MOTHER]
  9. There is No Turning Back Now (Crossing Space&Time/The Place) [EarthBound]
  10. Master P (Pokey Means Business!/Cease to Exist) [EarthBound]
  11. Exit Music (For A Game) (The Heroes Return) [EarthBound]
  12. The Power and the Glory (Eight Melodies) [MOTHER]

And if you don’t want to accept this reviewer’s opinion, you can feel free to check out the official Band Camp page and listen to the first part of the album yourself. If you’re a fan of the series, however, you should find plenty to love in the album.

Final Score: 4.5/5



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