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Review | 911 Operator (PC)

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to be a 911 dispatcher? We’ve recently had the chance to check out 911 Operator, a game that attempts to answer that question. Will it succeed in doing justice to the field while maintaining an atmosphere of fun, or will it get bogged down?


911 Operator is split into two modes; Career and Free Play. Career sees you advance through several preset cities, meeting reputation quotas in order to move onward. Every new city will throw more at you and also have different layouts that can help and even hurt your strategies.

In Free Play, on the other hand, you can actually choose any city that you wish. If you want to play as a dispatcher for your own city, you can, thanks to the game’s feature which downloads a map of the region and lays it out accurately.

As you begin your On Duty segments, you will have a chance to purchase and outfit the units, consisting of Police, Fire Department, and Paramedic, their vehicles, consisting of three different police vehicles, ambulances, and fire trucks, and their equipment before you truly begin the day. You may wish to try to keep your unit balanced out, if possible, so that they can respond quicker to any situations that arise. That said, your police will even patrol small areas and keep an eye out for crime that can appear out of nowhere, helping reduce the number of dispatch calls.

As time progresses, you will be experiencing incidents. Some include directing a fire truck to reports of a car on fire, directing paramedics to the scene of  a person experiencing cardiac distress, or even helping police respond to report of an erratic driver. Of course, you will also actually receive calls, which really helps you feel like a dispatcher. You will need to direct the caller through a series of questions that will, hopefully, result in a positive outcome once your emergency units arrive at the location.

The calls can become quite tense, such as a panicked woman wondering if she should shoot a man, possibly armed, who is trying to bust into her house. Should she use her father’s handgun to shoot the man? You’ll have to make the call for her.

Unfortunately, as fun and intense as it can be, you will begin to notice calls repeating. This honestly does hurt the replay factor, as there are only so many times you can guide people through these situations before it becomes stale.

Graphics and audio

Graphics are, possibly as one may expect, quite minimalist, but the audio work is actually pretty good. It can really help you feel as if you are truly there, trying to help out these callers.


911 Operator is a fun game, at least until calls begin repeating regularly. Combine this with the fact that the game is based upon the unsung heroes, and you have quite a fun title. Unfortunately, the repeating calls do end up making the game feel quite routine, but those fans of simulation should enjoy the game.

Final Score: 3.5/5


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