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access_time March 3, 2017 at 7:21 PM in News by Charlie Grammer

KOEI TECMO details new features within Toukiden 2

KOEI TECMO America was recently excited to share details surrounding the online features, expansive character creation system, and new foes for Toukiden 2, the upcoming sequel to the popular demon-hunting role-playing game, Toukiden. This title is scheduled to arrive on March 21, 2017 for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and PC via Steam. Check out the new trailer below:

Toukiden 2 will offer up a rich online environment, allowing Slayers to team up to take on the ferocious Oni. As you explore the Otherworld, you will find mysterious Portal Stones, which, when touched, transport you to the multiplayer lobby. You will be able to accept missions at the Command Hub, allowing for up to four players to take on the ferocious Oni throughout the Ages and gaining the upper hand with well-coordinated teamwork.

In terms of the campaign, it has also been enhanced for Toukiden 2, KOEI TECMO reported. Aside from the main storyline missions that are delivered from the Holy Mount, you are able to explore an immense open world, encountering other Slayers for cooperative Joint Operations. As you aid those in need, you will obtain a variety of rewards, such as new weapons, armor, and even new Mitama, as well as the ability to form a party. If you are playing offline, you can still carry out these Joint Operations by meeting what are known as Doppelgangers, which are simply the Ghost Data of your friends. These Doppelgangers offer up the same functionality as human companions.

As you carry out the operations, you may find it useful to swap out equipment to help even the odds against tougher opponents. This can be done via the Reliquaries, containers for sacred relics, that are scattered across the world. These containers can be utilized to place items to help out your fellow Slayers, while also returning an item of equal value to what you place in, allowing Slayers to aid each other in a way not possible before.



In terms of enemies, you will come face to face with quite a few new Oni that have been inspired by western lore. One is the Drakwing, which is a beast resembling a legendary dragon. Another is a wolf-like creature that harnesses the power of wind and lightning in its tail, the Canidaemon. Next up is the Wingspawn, an Oni that breathes deadly poison which turns humans into demons. A fourth, but by no means the final, new Oni is a heavily armored six-legged demon, known as the Bruteclaw.

The last bit of news shared lies within the pre-order bonuses that are available from select retailers before launch. These include the Tenko Costume armor, which allows you to dress up as your fluffy partner, as well as the Sanada Masayuki, Sanada Nobuyuki, Sarutobi Sasuke, and Chiku Rin In Mitama, which bolster your skills and abilities, aiding you in the Oni-slaying adventures that await.


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