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Troll and I receives new story trailer

Maximum Games and Spiral House were excited to share a brand new trailer for the upcoming action-adventure game, Troll and I, which highlights the game’s heroes, Otto and Troll, as well as the challenges they will face together as their relationship grows and evolves. Check it out below:

Troll and I takes place in post-World War II, 1950’s-era Scandinavia, and follows the adventure of a teenage boy and the unlikely friendship that he develops with a massive, mythical Troll. Otto had moved to the backwoods with his family in order to live in harmony with nature, but soon finds himself at the mercy of the unforgiving wilderness when ruthless hunters looking for Troll destroy his home. Now Otto has a bounty on his head and is forced into hiding in order to survive when he encounters the elusive creature of folklore and legend, Troll himself. The two befriend one another and their two stories of desperate survival become one and the same.

Of course, if you thought humans would be the only things that these two will have to face off against, you would be sorely mistaken. The hunters have unwittingly awakened ancient evils from the depths of the earth, including vicious kobolds and much, much worse. As such, Otto and Troll will need to work together, utilizing their respective strengths and inherent skills to complement each other’s weaknesses if they hope to survive.

The title features a combat system that allows for each character to have contrasting abilities. Troll features highly damaging attacks that can crush your enemies in a single blow while Otto is more quick and nimble. The two can cohesively act as one as they fight off rivals, solve puzzles, and complete various missions, with each employing his own distinct presence and gameplay functionality.

Players can enjoy local multiplayer thanks to split-screen, and teamwork will be pivotal to your survival.

What are your thoughts thus far of Troll and I?


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