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War Wings receives new airplane models and details

The hit mobile World War II air combat game, War Wings, has received more airplane models and details. The title is currently available in most European countries and is slated to arrive in North America, UK, and Russia in early 2017. It features over 70 aircraft for players to fly, with the ability to further research and upgrade them in order to improve speed, maneuverability, firepower, survivability, and ground attack capabilities.
Here are the new planes that were shared;
Messerschmitt Bf109B (Germany) 
The first of the 109-series monoplanes to be put into combat, the Bf109B has a Jumo 210 engine with an early Futaba propeller. It is equipped with two 7.92mm MG17 machine guns.
Supermarine Spitfire Mk.I (Great Britain)

Considered one of Europe’s best piston fighters during World War II, the Spitfire’s design was completed in 1937. Its multiple design configurations included fighter, fighter-bomber, reconnaissance aircraft, trainer, and carrier-based fighter. The Spitfire’s standard armament is eight 7.7mm machine guns.

Yak-7b (Russia)

A two-seat trainer that was developed by the Yak Design Bureau using the Yak-1 as a base. The Yak-7b is equipped with two 12.7mm machine guns and one 20mm cannon.

P-51A Mustang (USA)

The P-51A was produced by improving the ground attack capabilities for the A-36 Mustang. It sports a larger diameter propeller and has excellent low-altitude flight characteristics. The P-51A is equipped with four Browning 7.62mm machine guns and two 12.7mm M2 Browning machine guns.


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