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Idea Factory unveils several new titles


During a recent press event, Idea Factory was excited to unveil several new titles for the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 systems. The first title unveiled is an action-packed role-playing game set to release on PlayStation 4 in Spring 2017, Dark Rose Valkyrie.

This title tasks you with defending humanity from the Chimera Virus as the new leader of Japan’s covert military agency, ACID. The game features work from Takumi Miyajima, scenario writer on the Tales of series, as well as the character designer of the Tales of series, Kosuke Fujishima. As you battle your enemies and darkness sets in, their form and strength both change, and, to top everything off, there’s even a traitor in your midst. You will need to utilize a visual-novel interview system to attempt to find out this traitor, strengthen the Valkyrie Force, and save the world.

Here are the key features, as presented on the “Iffy-icial” press release:

Key Features

•Take the fight into Overdrive! Characters can transform into their stronger split personalities mid-battle, but be strategic – too many transformations will lead to Fatigue!
•Customize Combos! Customize attacks for each character, and do more damage with Riot Combos!
•A Traitor Amongst You! Depending on your choices, one team member will betray you. Find the traitor in visual-novel style interrogation sequences, and change the game’s ending!


Next up is a title for PlayStation Vita, with full PlayStation TV compatibility, Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds.

This title allows players to experience the game’s world in a whole new way, thanks to being remastered. The original, beloved visual novel Hakuoki series was first developed and released in 2008, and now, as the Bakumatsu period in Kyoto ends, young Chizuru, determined to find her father, will romance the famous samurai of Shinsengumi through a series of engaging stories and dramatic events. This version will feature new characters, love interests, and episodes when it arrives in Spring 2017.

Key Features

•12 Handsome Bachelors! Fall in love as these 12 bachelors battle for your heart in this historical fantasy!
•Over 80 Hours of Romance! With over 30 different endings, immerse yourself in the world of Hakuoki through its compelling tale of romance, friendship, and betrayal!
•Beauty at Your Fingertips! Fluid animation and vibrant art breathes life into this climatic era in Japan’s history! Then, view all of the art in a gorgeous photo gallery.


The third title unveiled is for the PlayStation Vita, with full PlayStation TV compatibility. This title, known as Mary Skelter: Nightmares, is a dungeon-crawling role-playing game in which the mighty Nightmare monster stalks you as you navigate the dungeon.

You will be able to stand your ground and fight or utilize traps to slow down the insatiable beasts wanting your blood in order to escape and fight another day. Battles are turn-based, and you can boost your allies with blood transformations. The only way you would even have a chance to escape, however, is to solve the dungeons’ mysteries and satisfy the prison’s desires when it releases in Summer 2017.

Key Features

•Walking Nightmares! The dungeon-crawling RPG genre gets a twist when special enemies can chase you through the dungeons! Lay traps to make your escape, or try to face them down!
•Blood-drenched Transformations! Characters can transform with stronger stats and extra skills, but if they fight too much they may enter Blood Skelter Mode, where they go completely berserk!
•Everyone’s got a Job! Strategize your dungeon battles by assigning different classes to your characters, unlocking new skills, stats, and character portraits!


Finally, Steam gamers will be able to experience the world of Fairies and Fencers once the unforgettable RPG, Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force, arrives on PC in early 2017. It will feature Japanese and English voices and subtitles, as well as a Steam-exclusive Deluxe Pack, and has earned the distinction of being the company’s first worldwide Steam release.

Are you excited for the upcoming titles?



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