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Review | Event[0] (PC)


Having recently finished Ocelot Society’s debut title, Event[0],  we wanted to share our opinion of the game for those interested in picking it up. Is it worth your time?


The game begins as you answer several questions about yourself in order to determine your character’s background and opinions. The game is set in 2012, several years after the discovery of space travel, and you have been selected for a mission to space. Unfortunately, you wind up adrift, unable to call for help.


As everything appears lost, you find an experimental space tourist ship from the 80’s known as the Nautilus, and hear an eerie female voice singing about the end of the world. Curious, you step into the ship and begin exploring, discovering that the singing is the ship’s latent AI, Kaizen-85.


The title takes place in a first-person view, and you will need Kaizen’s help to explore the ship.You can interact with it via command terminals in the ship, and the AI is able to create over two million lines of procedurally generated dialogue, appearing to both think and feel like a regular human being. You will need its help to progress, and are at its whim as far as opening doors to traverse the ship. The AI adapts to how you treat it, so if you are callous and investigative of it, Kaizen will become distant, refusing to reveal any information. If you are too nice and obedient, then it will make you do its bidding.


The fact that your actions help shape Kaizen’s mood really help set the game apart, and make it more interesting to play. If you push Kaizen too hard and wind up having to go outside with your limited air, then you may not be able to open any doors to get back inside.

Graphics and sound

In terms of graphics, they are quite nice, and do a fantastic job of making the old technology look grounded. With its premise and atmosphere, it also succeeds quite well at capturing the loneliness of space, giving it an overall eeriness.


The in-game music is also extremely ambient, helping make it a very aesthetically pleasing title from the get go.

Final thoughts

If you’re looking for a game that breaks the mold, Event[0] is definitely worth checking out. There were some annoying bugs initially that turned me off of the game, however, a patch appears to have been released that fixed these.

With a great atmosphere and an AI that adapts to you, Event[0] should definitely be a title that most can enjoy.

Final score: 4.5/5




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