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access_time October 4, 2016 at 8:03 AM in Reviews by Adam Larck

Review| Enhance GX-K3 Keyboard


The Enhance gaming lineup by Accessory Power features plenty of PC gaming accessories for those looking for more than a standard mouse or keyboard without breaking the bank.

Their flagship series, the GX series, features the three main accessories everyone would need for online: keyboard, mouse and headset, along with a few additional items like a mouse pad, laptop cooling stand, etc.

Today, I’ll be checking out the GS-K3, their backlit keyboard. The first thing to note is, that unlike many top keyboards out there, the GX-K3 is not a pure mechanical keyboard. Instead, it uses hybrid switches to try and mimic the feel and response. While it won’t fool anyone that already has a mechanical keyboard, it’s a good step up for those that are going from a base keyboard. Personally, I thought the key hits felt fine. It’s not a replacement for my Roccat, but the keys still gave a strong feedback, something my wife really enjoyed while using it.

Compared to some keyboards out there, the GX-K3 sits lower on the desk, letting it tuck away pretty easily when not in use. It does have stands to tilt the keyboard up, although mine had a small defect where part of the back board was a bit loose. A small screwdriver took care of that problem though. It also features a nylon braided USB cable that’s more than 5 feet long, plenty long enough for most locations

A big draw to the keyboard are the backlit keys. There are three colors that can be used (red, blue or purple), and a bright/dim setting that can be changed or turned off. Sure, it may not show some useful features like changing color as you lose health (something Roccat and Razer can do), but it does give a nice glow for gaming without the lights on.

The keyboard also allows gamers to map keys out for different games, turn a turbo mode on and off and, if you get type-happy on a keyboard, lock the start menu. That way, a missed alt button doesn’t end in frustration as the start menu freezes your game.

What’s going to be the biggest draw for this for gamers will be the price point. Most good mechanical keyboards will set you back easily $100, if not more. Meanwhile, the GX-K3 clocks in around $35 on Amazon. Plus, for readers out there, you can click here until Oct. 10 to get a discount on the keyboard. Just enter GXK3SAVE at checkout to get $7 off.


Final Thoughts:

Overall, I really enjoyed my time with the keyboard. The GX-K3 was responsive, had all the shortcuts you’ll need, plus the ability to remap keys for games. If you need an introductory keyboard or a gift for a gaming friend, the GS-K3 is the perfect middle keyboard between a high-level mechanical and a base keyboard.




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