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Review | Hue (PS4)

Hue is an independent title from Fiddlesticks that aims to captivate players the way others, such as Braid, have before. Will it succeed?


The story follows the titular main character, Hue. He is a young man living in a small fishing town who discovers a note from a loved one. This note goes into detail about her life, as well as the research she has done on colors and her discoveries regarding the perceptions of reality. Now he needs to reassembly a powerful ring that was created as a result of the woman’s research in order to solve the mystery of what, exactly, happened to her.


You maneuver Hue utilizing either the directional pad or left analogue stick. You can jump with X, grab with square, and change the color of his surroundings by utilizing the right stick.  The aforementioned ring is represented by a color wheel, and when you move the right stick, the game slows down to give you time to select your needed color, which helps grant you complete control without disrupting the gameplay.


In the early stages, you are quite limited in how many colors you can select, and as you discover more pieces of the ring, the range of colors grows. As you can likely tell, this is the main mechanic of the game, and is utilized to reveal and hide foreground objects, which can then be utilized to solve puzzles and make progress. When something is camouflaged into the background, you cannot interact with it, and, as you begin, the world is only represented by shades of grey.

As you progress, you tend to come across two main types of obstacles. The first type consists of platforming sections in which you must traverse the stage carefully while avoiding hazards, such as leaping across stones over a pit. As you move, you will need to constantly adjust the colors so that you will not become stuck.


The second type consists of physics based puzzles. In these situations, you are trapped in a large room and will need to utilize your powers in order to arrange various blocks, create platforms, and basically just clear a safe path to the exit.

As you journey, you will find quite a few differently colored devices. In addition to crates, there is paint, which can change the color of said crates, balloons to lift platforms, lasers to power doors, and more.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics of Hue are stylized utilizing solid vector sprites. The background has simple textures which can vary, depending on the situation, however the foreground utilizes only solid black shapes. And while the game utilizes quite a limited pallet of colors, these colors help everything look quite intense, coming together to form an excellent presentation.


In terms of audio, the music includes some piano compositions that are quite relaxing and help create a tranquil atmosphere. It also features some excellent voice acting with notes written by the mysterious lady being read aloud so that you don’t have to stop.


Hue is a fun little game, even though it feels a bit short. Puzzle fans who enjoy a relaxing game with intense visuals and great soundtrack should find a lot to love.

Final score: 4.5/5


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