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Stars in Shadow launches in September via Steam Early Access


Publisher Iceberg Interactive and developer Ashdar Games were recently excited to announce that their new  space strategy game for PC, Stars in Shadow, will be launching on September 15, 2016 via Steam Early Access. This title is the first title for the Canadian developer.

Stars in Shadow is a turn-based 4x strategy game set in deep space. You will be able to choose between seven playable factions, comprised of six different alien races, as you are thrust into a galactic universe with an immersive backstory and comic-book art style. You will be able to compete with alien factions, explore nearby star systems, develop colonies and empires, and more as you attempt to unify the galaxy either through diplomacy or war.

Here are the key features, as presented on the official press release:


  • Unique hand-drawn comic book art style
  • Turn based 4X space strategy featuring turn based fleet combat. The tactical system allows starships to do battle using a wide range of different weapons and abilities
  • Seven playable factions comprising six alien races. Choice of faction will determine tech and research opportunities initially available. Forming alliances, conquering neighboring species, or discovering ancient artifacts may open up additional avenues of research
  • A vast range of different planet types, each with their own lore. The most prized worlds are those that hold artifacts from civilizations that vanished long ago. Map sizes up to 85 star systems. Each star can have up to 10 planets
  • Manage a growing empire. Balance the competing priorities of research, growth, and ship building and decide the fate of those alien species that come under your control
  • Galactic Politics: Of the playable alien species, three are “young races”, reaching out into the galaxy for the first time. The remaining three are “old races”, survivors of a terrible war fought in the distant past, they still hold to their ancient grudges. Races will impact which world will be most suitable as well as alliances and trades offerings
  • Advanced settings such as Random events and NPC factions, including pirates and marauders


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