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Review | Kirby: Planet Robobot


Kirby: Planet Robobot isn’t a fresh new take on the series. Instead, it’s the same pink puffball you know and love. It’s just that Kirby can now sometimes hop into a mech suit that can get its own set of powers by scanning enemies.


K2The game itself is standard Kirby fare. You’re trying to save a digital version of Planet Popstar, complete with mechanized enemies and bosses, and still features Kirby jumping and floating around from level to level, sucking up enemies to use powers to solve puzzles and clear out areas. It’s still very accessible and easy to jump in and out of.


This time, three new powers have been added in to try: Doctor, Poison and ESP. Doctor can throw a single pill, charge up and throw pills in all directions or craft a concoction to throw out. Poison can be great for boss fights to position attacks for hits in the future and to solve some clever puzzles. Meanwhile, ESP, a throwback to Ness, was probably my favorite new power, controlling the blast as you moved it around the area for some fun attacks.


The robot is also enjoyable to control. Without a power, he just melee attacks anything, but with a power he turns into a flamethrower, launcher of walking bombs and more, depending on the power. Plus, there will be some sections where you turn into a plane for a shmup or a car to race in. While these are few and far between, they are enjoyable for the few minutes they’re available.


K3Levels still have collectible stickers to find, and there are some minigames in the main mode (a few arenas to check out, “Kirby Clash,” a four player boss rush style game and a Meta Knight time trial that unlocks after you beat the game). Plus, there are a few Amiibos that are supported on the game and give extra abilities if wanted.


Graphically, the game looks similar to Triple Deluxe, even using the foreground/background jumping. However, everything’s been given a mechanical coating. I actually like the new aesthetic better, as the mechanical feel is different from past titles and lead to some interesting robotic boss designs.


Final Thoughts:

While Kirby may not change in the game, Kirby: Planet Robobot is another solid entry to the series. While it doesn’t break the mold, the Kirby mold shows no signs of cracking or even weakening its handheld titles.


Final Score: 7.2


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